Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fun with Sarah Palin, Carla Bruni and Michele Bachmann

Oh dear... at this rate, Carla Bruni won't be as comfortable leaning forward as our super-fit, tight abs Sarah Palin when she reaches the 7th month of her pregnancy. What a shame.

Carla Bruni, last weekend (baby due in October)

Sarah Palin in March 2008 (baby due in May)

This video is old, but always entertaining. Sarah Palin should be made to eat her own words on a daily basis.

(H/T to Sleuth)

Now that Michele Bachmann is copying Sarah Palin, there's another film coming out, starring the two of them.

(H/T to LisanTx)
Perhaps Sarah should announce she's going to run sooner rather than later. The perks are good, at least for the spouses...