Friday, 1 July 2011

Open Thread - Friday

Peter found a heartwarming story about a rare shire horse born blind:

Shire foal Mary Anne faced being put down by vets after she was born unable to see.

Owners Donald and Jane McIntyre were told that the mare was worthless and faced a miserable existence unable to negotiate even the easiest of obstacles.

Mary Ann shortly after birth

But the 62-year-old farmer and his 54-year-old wife from Bristol wouldn't give up on the foal - one of only 1500 left in the country - even when her mother, Faith, abandoned her moments after she was born.

After carrying out extensive research on the internet the couple discovered that new equipment had been developed to allow vets to perform cataract surgery on horses.

And when they were told that the foal would have an 80 per cent chance of curing her blindness the couple spent £6,000 for the sight and life saving operation.

Mary Ann with her sight restored

It's a lovely story with a happy ending, a welcome change from the some of the stuff we read on a daily basis...

Please read the rest of the details HERE.