Sunday, 3 July 2011

Open Thread - Sunday

I mentioned our houseboat in the previous post and that gave me an idea for today's open thread. I wanted to show you some pictures of the island where the boat is moored (it's still there, giving the lovely new owner, Katie, a very nice place to live).

Of course, I lost all my picture files, so I had to be resourceful if I really wanted to show you anything. I remembered that I had written a guest post for "I heart Mudflats" a long time ago. I went to the archives and retrieved some of my favourite photos. Here they are:

Phantom IV, our boat

Bill & Ted (even though one of them is female)

Blip, wife and some Canadian friends

Unnamed heron, a regular visitor.

The island is a magic place and we miss the community, the peace and quiet and the wildlife. Alas, it wasn't possible to keep the boat. But we'll always have the fondest memories of our times there.