Monday, 25 July 2011

Dominionism: We should be worried

Reader fromthediagonal suggested highlighting Leah Burton's two excellent posts about Dominionism, written in the light of the events in Norway.

Norwegian Dominionist Slaughters Innocents
Dominionist Ties to Norway Terrorist Clear and Convincing

In the second article, Leah goes to great lengths to explain the use of the term "Dominionism" and how it encompasses many Christian denominations.

Here's a video relating to Sarah Palin, where the goals of the Dominionists are clearly explained:

Pastor Muthee says that they need to infiltrate and influence seven areas of society, but goes on to list only six:

Spiritual, economics, politics, education, the media and the government. Muthee left out the military, but somebody had that covered: US rifle scopes in Iraq and Afghanistan featured bible verse citations.

The plan is clear, but pastor Muthee is only one of the proponents of the takeover of all aspects of society by religious fanatics. There are many others. Donald Rumsfeld exploited George W Bush's evangelical beliefs to further the pro-war agenda, a number of GOP politicians place their religious beliefs at the centre of their policies and one political celebrity wears them as fashion accessories.

These are the public aspects of the infiltration pastor Muthee mentioned in the video. What worries me is the pernicious infiltration that must go on behind the scenes, how several groups trade influence and make deals that have a far reaching effect on ordinary people's lives. Leah Burton's website explores this topic in detail.

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