Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Open Thread - Wednesday

We had to travel by Air France on our return from Australia in 2009. I was taken ill a couple of days before the end of our holiday and had to spend a few days in hospital, so we missed our flight with Emirates. The French travel insurance company arranged the replacement flight, so we were stuck with Air France. The plane was very old, the food mediocre and the cabin crew very rude.

Showing these videos is not an endorsement of the airline, but I find this ad incredibly beautiful. It's showing on TV at the moment and it caught my eye (and ear):

Here's how they made it:


I know this is an open thread and I don't like to have anything about "you know who" when we're having a break, but I didn't want to have a whole separate post, so here's Joe McGinniss discussing the wild ride: