Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sarah Palin is not for sale

Sarah Palin made some bold statements in her speech in Indianola. [The video is mercifully short and it pays to hear her stick one foot in her mouth and shoot herself in the other. If you really want to suffer, the whole speech is HERE.]

Sarah Palin proposed eliminating all corporate income taxes and making up the lost revenue by closing corporate tax loopholes (??), ending corporate welfare and eliminating crony capitalism.

Would the corporations be happy to keep all their earned money but lose all subsidies and all their political power?

Another question is whether she can make it to the White House without help from the corporations.

If she's serious about this and announces that she's running, she would be obliged to refuse any donations from the corporations. She's not for sale. She would be morally bound to accept donations only from "we the people."

Sarah Palin stands on her own and the corporations stand on their own. She said it herself: "I'm not for sale."

She make reference to how her opponents outspent her in the elections she won. Perhaps she really believes that running for president of the United States is the same as running for mayor of Wasilla or governor of Alaska.

If she pulls this off, winning the presidential election without any corporate money, she'll make history indeed.

Come on, Sarah, put your money where your mouth is.