Friday, 2 September 2011

Tea and fun with Sarah Palin - UPDATE 2

Sarah Palin will be serving the tea in Indianola after all. I expect there will be further servings until she goes to South Korea... to speak.

Considering her level of knowledge and previous experience, she would be more comfortable doing this at the World Knowledge Forum:

Sarah Palin, an insult to speakers and waitresses!

Or this:

She looks even better with the appropriate flag pin:

She has the big shoes already...

The way she's going, she's becoming an insult to clowns, also too.



A reader sent me a copy of the e-mail he sent to the World Knowledge Forum and their reply:

Please click on image to enlarge

Yes, WKF, we have many other thoughts...


This is fun. WKF seems to have a stock answer to e-mails protesting Sarah Palin's appearance at their event, but there are minor variations. A different reader sent me another exchange:

Please click on image to enlarge

I wonder if they bothered to click on the link MO included in the e-mail...