Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sarah Palin to speak at a knowledge forum. Really?

Sarah Palin is going to speak at the World Knowledge Forum in South Korea in October.

The World Knowledge Forum is the grandest fete of knowledge in Asia. It is also known as Asia's Davos Forum. Established in October 2000, the World Knowledge Forum gathers more than 200 world business leaders and expert from environmental and international organizations to world's biggest corporations and institutions. These leaders predict the future and discuss possible solutions for current and imminent issues. The main aim of this forum is to highlight the importance of sharing knowledge in promoting a balanced prosperity of the global economy.

The people on the list of speakers seem to be described by their current occupation, as in Gordon Brown's case:

Why is Sarah Palin described as politician? She has no title, as she loves to tell the world. She doesn't need one. Perhaps, for the sake of accuracy, they should have described her as a Fox News contributor or simply as a political celebrity.

Click HERE to see the pop-up about Sarah Palin

While they're revising the site so it's truly accurate, they could drop "Knowledge" from their own title.

Inviting Sarah Palin to speak in a forum about knowledge amounts to a serious misrepresentation of the event. After all, she's all for her North Korean allies...

Sarah Palin's map

It would be poetic justice if speakers started to pull out due to her inclusion in the forum. If Sarah Palin had reservations about appearing with Christine O'Donnell at the teagaggers rally in Indianola, any of the speakers would be more than justified in their own reservations about being thrown in the same category as Sarah Palin!

Apart from this one, a Russian minion of the Koch Brothers: