Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sarah Palin, action woman

Still blinking

Sarah Palin talked to Greta Van Susteren last night, where she praised flavour of the week "Herb" Cain, attacked President Obama, mentioned the "pundents" and was asked (again!) whether she's running.

She's still thinking about it, blinking, asking family and friends, blinking and so on. But she said she doesn't need a title to be influential and affect change. Greta said it was all very well, but it doesn't make much difference to foreign relations and gave Israel as an example. Sarah Palin's answer was great. She took action! She went to Israel and had dinner with Netanyahu.

You may watch the rest of the interview HERE

Thank you so much for taking such decisive action, Sarah. I'm surprised the lamestream media didn't recognize the importance of that dinner and how much it contributed to a change in policy. That's exactly what America needs: More political celebrities without a title taking action and having dinner with foreign leaders and their families. It makes a world of difference!


Elsewhere, The Rogue is still making waves.

Publisher stands behind 'The Rogue' book on Palin

A publisher is standing behind a book about Sarah Palin, a day after Palin's attorney threatened to sue over it.

Crown Publishers spokesman Stuart Applebaum says the company is confident the reporting in Joe McGinniss' book is "solid, reliable, and well-substantiated." Applebaum says Crown stands behind McGinniss and the book, "The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin."

This is a must read:

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