Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sarah Palin accessorizes

Sarah Palin is very unconventional and that may go down very well with her supporters. As a general rule, a politician's appearance shouldn't be distracting. Men don't have much choice and don't stray from suits and ties for public appearances, occasionally dispensing with the tie and jacket for informal events.

Women in politics tend to chose neutral attire and avoid too many adornments.

Betty McCollum

Condoleezza Rica

Maria Cantwell

Michele Bachmann

Stephanie Herseth

Valerie Jarrett

Elisabeth Warren

Jennifer Granholm

Nikki Haley

Gabby Giffords

Hillary Clinton

Kirsten Gillibrand

Kay Bailey-Hutchison

Susan Rice

A political celebrity who's still considering a presidential run makes very different choices from the women shown above. If she managed to get to the White House, foreign leaders would have to be excused for being unable to pay attention to the actual topics in their discussions with the new leader of the free world...

People dress for the job and women politicians prefer to have a businesslike, unfussy image. Sarah Palin wears layer upon layer of "meaningful" jewellery.

As somebody who has nothing meaningful to say, I suppose she has to let her adornments do the talking...