Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sarah Palin, loyal friend

Attacking President Obama doesn't seem to satisfy Sarah Palin anymore...

 [Full interview HERE]

She must have read Irving Tressler's book:

In 1936 Dale Carnegie, a well known speaker and motivator, published his book on human relations entitled "How to Win Friends and Influence People." A year later, Irving Tressler followed up with a companion guide for those moving in the opposite direction: "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People."

With friends like Sarah Palin, who needs enemies? I wonder what her game is...

Perhaps Chris Weigant has a point when he ponders whether Sarah Palin is going rogue again and is preparing to run as a third party candidate:

If she runs as a Republican, she must win not one but two elections -- the primaries and the general. This means not only taking on Romney, Perry, and all the rest, but it also means participating in the Republican nomination contest. She'd be expected to debate, in other words. She'd be required to stand on a stage with a pack of other Republicans, and compete on the level of answering questions from moderators. Running as an Independent would avoid all of that. The only debate stage she'd expect to appear on would be one with Barack Obama and a single Republican, next fall. Running as an Independent would mean her name would move straight to the general election battle -- with no chance her candidacy would be derailed early next year.

I secretly hope that this is precisely her plan.