Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sarah Palin's wild ride - Liar or idiot?

It seems to be a good time to have another look at Sarah Palin's wild ride. This month two women went into labour during flights and had their babies in the comfort of an aeroplane.

These women had no idea they were going to deliver their babies on an aeroplane. They didn't have a strange sensation down in their bellies the night before, were not leaking amniotic fluid and didn't experience "Big laughs, more contractions."

September 21, 2011

A woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy aboard a Philippine Airlines flight from Manila to San Francisco on Monday, the airline said in a news release.

Aida Alamillo, 41, a passenger aboard Flight 104, told NBC-TV affiliate KNTV that she was due to give birth Sept. 28 but was cleared to fly by her doctor in the Philippines and Philippine Airlines medical personal.

Alamilllo said she never expected to go into labor on the plane. She was traveling with her 13-year-old son, whom she said alerted flight attendants that she was experiencing contractions. She was led to a private spot in a business class cabin on the plane's upper deck, where she gave birth at 3:25 p.m. PDT with the assistance of three nurses on board and several cabin crew members just a few hours before the plane landed.

Alamillo, now a mother of four, said that although this was her most unusual delivery, it was the easiest. “It’s like 15 minutes,” she said.

September 1, 2011

A woman has given birth aboard an Alitalia flight from Milan to Paris.

The mother, a French national, went into labor halfway through flight AZ 3508 from Milan Linate airport en route to Paris Charles de Gaulle Wednesday.

The plane landed just in time for a medical team to enter and help deliver the baby boy to the applause of the passengers on board.

Sarah Palin embarked on two long flights with a 2-hour layover in between. She started her journey from Dallas to Alaska ten hours after experiencing a strange sensation down in her belly and phoning her doctor to report that her amniotic was leaking. She experienced contractions during her all important speech and left the conference in a hurry. Rick Perry joked: "Don't tell me you're going off to have the baby right now!" Sarah Palin thought to herself: "If only you knew!"

An yet she chose not to seek medical attention in Texas, preferring to travel for at least 10 hours by air and another hour by road to give birth in a small hospital without the proper facilities to deal with any possible complications.

Leaking amniotic fluid prematurely is not without risks:

Eighty-five percent of neonatal morbidity and mortality is a result of prematurity. PPROM is associated with 30-40% of preterm deliveries and is the leading identifiable cause of preterm delivery. PPROM complicates 3% of all pregnancies and occurs in approximately 150,000 pregnancies yearly in the United States. When PPROM occurs remote from term, significant risks of morbidity and mortality are present for both the fetus and the mother. Thus, the physician caring for the pregnant woman whose pregnancy has been complicated with PPROM plays an important role in management and needs to be familiar with potential complications and possible interventions to minimize risks and maximize the probability of the desired outcome.

Premature preterm rupture of membranes (PPROM) occurring from 24-37 weeks' gestation is far more difficult to manage than premature rupture of membranes (PROM) at term. Several issues need to be considered in formulating a plan of management. Prematurity is the principal risk to the fetus, while infection morbidity and its complications are the primary maternal risks. All plans for management of PPROM remote from term should include the family and the medical team caring for the pregnancy, including the neonatal and maternal medical team. Remote from term, PPROM should only be cared for in facilities where a NICU is available and capable of caring for the neonate. Because most PPROM pregnancies deliver within a week of ROM, transfer of the pregnant mother to a qualified facility is urgent and should be facilitated immediately upon diagnoses.

The physician who wrote the article above was referring to PPROM in pregnancies in a regular setting, where the mother-to-be is not 4,000 miles away from her doctor...

Now, people who read Sarah Palin's own account of her labour and delivery should be excused for thinking she wasn't pregnant at all, because nobody in their right mind can believe that a governor of state could be so monumentally stupid.

Her stories about tight abs and the photo showing a perfectly flat abdomen at 7 months add to the doubts.

March 14, 2008 - 30 weeks pregnant

Whatever people choose to believe, there's no escape for Sarah Palin: If she wasn't pregnant, she didn't risk her own and Trig's life, but perpetrated a hoax. If she was indeed pregnant, she's an unthinking, callous idiot.

[Please read the full transcript of the wild ride interview plus excerpts from Going Rogue HERE.]