Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sarah Palin's contradictions - and more!

Sarah Palin referred to her e-mails regarding the immunization of young girls against cervical cancer. I searched the databasa but found only some e-mails about chickenpox immunization. Sarah was against making it mandatory. In that respect, she's consistent. She doesn't like mandations...

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Although I couldn't find the e-mails she mentioned, I found an interesting press release from the Department of Health & Social Services on the State of Alaska website:

Press Release
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(Juneau, Alaska) ─ The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services announced today that an increase in federal funding will make it possible for all Alaska girls ages 9 through 18 to receive Gardasil ®, the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, at no cost.

Earlier this spring, the department had said it could provide free Gardasil only to Alaska girls who met certain eligibility requirements. Since then, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided additional funds for Alaska to obtain more vaccine. This boost in federal aid will enable more Alaska girls to receive Gardasil. Distribution of this vaccine to providers is just beginning, so state health officials suggest calling providers before visiting local clinics to find out if the vaccine is available.

“We are thrilled that this unanticipated funding will allow us to provide the vaccine for all eligible girls,” said Laurel Wood, Alaska’s immunization program manager. “Although we have no guarantee that this funding will be available in future years, we hope to immunize as many Alaska girls as possible while we have this unique opportunity.”

The federal government approved Gardasil last summer to prevent certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) known to cause cervical cancer. Gardasil is the most expensive vaccine recommended today, with a retail cost of at least $360 for three shots given over six months.

The CDC recommends the vaccine for girls and women 9 through 26 years old, but the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services only has funding to cover the vaccine for those ages 9 through 18. Women ages 19 through 26 may be able to receive some coverage through Medicaid, their health insurance companies or a special financial aid program set up by Merck & Co. Inc., the vaccine’s manufacturer.

They were hoping to immunize as many girls as possible, but there's no indication that it would be compulsory, only that they were following the CDC recommendations.  The interesting bit is the funding for the immunization programme: Those terrible, terrible federal dollars!

If Sarah Palin believed that there was something up with that issue, it looks like she didn't tell the DHSS. They were merrily promoting the immunization programme.

She likes to mention herself as an example of correctness when attacking other people, but when we look into her record, there are masses of contradictions. She says that taxing the corporations is very bad because it prevents them from making further investments, but she raised the taxes for the oil companies operating in Alaska.

Now she said she knew there was something up with the issue of vaccination and Perry's own issue with it proves that she was right. She didn't make it compulsory, but didn't refuse federal money to make it widely available in Alaska. So what exactly was up with the issue? It doesn't make sense.

She's always right, she always knows everything and everybody else is wrong. Well, at least the person she's attacking at the time...


After I finished the original post I received a link from reader MW. Very interesting stuff...

From the Daily Mail, UK:

Joe McGinniss' book The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, due to be published on September 20, alleges Palin carried on an affair with Brad Hanson, who ran a snowmobile dealership with her husband Todd.

The book also alleges the former Alaska governor, 47, had a one-night stand with Miami Heat basketball star Glen Rice.

She is said to have met the 6ft 8ins player in 1987 when he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska and she worked as a sports reporter for KTUU television.

In another blow to her chances of running in the 2012 presidential race is the allegation she took Class A drugs.

The book claims that before she was appointed governor, she and her husband both took cocaine and she was seen snorting the drug off a 55-gallon oil drum while snowmobiling with friends.

Now, that's exciting!