Friday, 17 July 2009

$arah Palin less politically correct

elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site
about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry
1. conforming to fact or truth; free from error; accurate: a correct answer.
2. in accordance with an acknowledged or accepted standard; proper: correct behavior.

$arah Palin has strayed from correctness throughout her political career. I'm not talking about the current use of the expression "political correctness". Her behaviour as mayor and as governor was never truthful or proper.

Appointing her unqualified church and high school pals for positions of power is not proper behaviour.

Using her position to attack individuals or pursue a personal vendetta against a family member is not an accepted standard.

Ignoring the plight of Alaska Natives and undermining their efforts to preserve their way of life is not correct behaviour.

Distorting the facts to "progress" her own agenda doesn't conform to fact or truth.

Acting unethically doesn't qualify as correct either.

254 people have died due to $arah Palin's far from correct behaviour.

Anybody who has a perfunctory look at the list of $arah Palin's "gates" will quickly realize that "correct", in every sense of the word, never applied to her actions and policies.

After the next ten days have elapsed, we can look forward to the side benefit of even less correct twits flying from her fingertips.

$he will be free to twit more lies. But her record speaks for itself.


Gail said...

Hi Regina! You are a veritable "Eats, Shoots & Leaves1"

I don't know why I never thought to post this before. My dad, who is in his eighties, is known for his acerbic letters to the editor, which he writes out in longhand.

This was sent to the Cape Codder during the election, it's a classic! Enjoy...

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Meaning $P's tweets will become even more incoherent? [Dripping sarcasm:] I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

You made me look at her twitters--she is lying again about saving poor AK from a lame-duck session. So, explain, then, once Parnell gets in there, the next election for Gov is in 2010, correct? And, once he is defeated, he will then be a lame duck at that point, correct? So, then, Parnell should really just resign now to avoid that horror? What am I missing? He WILL be defeated, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Also, a side benefit to her leaving in ten days is that she can tweet politically incorrect things? So tell me, is THAT why she resigned? Being Gov forced her to attempt to be civil (snort) but in ten days she won't have to be civil? I can assure her that she has not henceforth BEEN civil, so one can only wonder what she means by this. Will she tell us what she REALLY thinks of Alaskans? The military? Juneau? Sean Parnell? I mean, the possibilities are staggering. Should we go back in her tweets and see which ones were just being "politically correct" and attempt to figure out what she REALLY thought?

Anonymous said...

Oh, maybe she means she can begin to talk about The Rapture and how she is the second coming of Christ to save us all from the Anti-Christ Obama. I place money on her being a redneck racist.

Anonymous said...

Ever since columnists and bloggers wrote that it was undignified for a governor to respond to every little insult (Letterman, Shannyn's rumors) $arah has been waiting for the day to really let loose on these people. Now she is going to lash out!

By the way, not only are elected officials replaceable, so are the ones who are appointed. In her profound, deep analysis she misses the point that when her state designated a Lt.Governor position, it assumed the governor might have to be replaced at some time.

Those twitters are the height of nonsense and reveal what a truly immature, shallow, self-centered person could have become vice president. When she opens her mouth, or twitters away, we see what a dreadful mistake McCain and the Republicans made.

Anonymous said...

"elected is replaceable" sounds like she means President Obama.

Maybe a cult coup?

One of her supporters on seafourpee named techno commented after her resignation speech:

"Folks, just remember Sarah is prepared to go into the wilderness to save America from Obama's radical socialist agenda; the least we can do is to stand by her always and be prepared to fight to the death for her."

Her eye on the ball is to progress her cult's agenda in Alaska.

KaJo said...

The first commenter at Immoral Minority this morning -- an Anonymous, of course -- is suggesting it's time everyone can relax, stand down, Palin's nearly out the door, nothing else will happen, right? NO! I think that Anonymous is a Palinbot.

Palin's most recent Tweets have my hackles up and my antennae out, so indulge me for repeating myself here -- I posted this @ the Mudflats and @ Immoral Minority:

“Planning inauguration w/LtGov in 10 days, Frbanks. W/same cabinet, same positive pro-AK agenda it’s all good, consistent success bc everyone …
elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site”

Palin’s own agenda will continue under her hand-picked successors (unless the legislature has the wits and balls to intervene; surely they won’t get suckered?).

She’s going to stop using the site for her twitterbabble after July 25, then she’ll twitter exactly what she thinks and feels like (hasn’t she been doing that all along?)

That statement about “everyone elected is replaceable” is very strange if not ominous. The average person knows that is true, but to have such a devious vindictive personality point that out makes me wonder what her proposed Parnell-Campbell-Schmidt consortium have in mind — remember, all three of them are APPOINTEES, as is the AG. Are they planning on changing the state constitution?

The average SANE person would think “everyone appointed is replaceable”, which they’ve seen Palin do frequently enough, so her Twitter statement, to me, sets off alarm bells.

BTW, does anyone know the difference between a Twitterberry and a Tweetie? The “fake” EXGovSarahPalin” site has messages “from Tweetie”. It IS possible that it isn’t a fake site after all…if that is Palin using her new Twitter device, not the state Blackberries.

Virginia Voter said...

Boy, the Sarah Palin definition of politically correct is obviously way out of the mainstream here if she thinks she has been PC up until now. Bring on the insanity, huh.

Kajo, I know Twitterberry means tweets sent from a Blackberry (and we know Sarah loves hers), but I have no idea what Tweetie means...maybe sent from the internet or another application?

Anonymous said...

I think that Tweetie is Twitter for iphone or Mac. It is considered a microblogging service. There are easily a dozen of others, but Twitter is the one that really caught on recently.

I'm still trying to figure out how that is any different from the message I can sent from my cell phone. I'm also limited to 140 characters. Some people call it Instant Message. I can send it to another phone or to some one's computer.

There reaches a point where sometimes it is just too much information. My daughter was asked by a neighbor to be on her Twitter account. My daughter agreed, and then she started receiving the world's most trivial announcements (rivaled only by Palin's pathetic twitters). Messages recounted the woman's empty life: Picking the kids up at school, this afternoon, we're going to make brownies, the brownies are in the oven, these brownies taste good.

And, in the department of "trivial:" We are having some plumbing work done in our house. When the office tried to reach the plumber using our phone, I learned that his name was Joe. Yes, Joe the Plumber is working in my house. Not that one. When I laughed and made a Joe the Plumber Joke, he informed me proudly that he belongs to the union. That other guy who exceeded his 15 minutes of fame does not. Your laugh for the day.

Anonymous said...

Here we have some very interesting news:

The defense lawyer for the student who is accused of hacking into Sarah Palin's private yahoo account (which she used for state business) requests via subpoena a very long list of documentation from Sarah Palin, including

Any "voluntary disclosure of e-mail addresses of family members, pictures of Gov. Palin's family, cell phone numbers of family members, dates of birth of Gov. Palin and members of her family and/or the address book for the Yahoo! e-mail account" at issue in the case.

Read here:

It says in the article that the US Justice Department fights the subpoena, and apparently the judge has set the defense lawyer a deadline in order to narrow down the request. Still, I am very curious to know what the outcome will be!

0whole1 said...

Are you using the "$" in $arah 'cuz she's a grifter, or because she's expensive to keep around?

Lynn said...

My husband and I were discussing the latest Palin idiocy and her leaving office so abruptly. He has found the reason!! She saw the office door ajar and plowed through it right out of the governorship. She's so eager for that open door she didn't stop to consider where it might lead. I look forward to finding out what $P's idea of non-PC is....

Also, in that posted quote from the pro-Palin site, you can see the combination of religious references (into the wilderness) with militaristic ones (fight to the death). So I wonder if this adoring fan has considered that the wilderness doesn't have shopping opportunities...

Anonymous said...

To: 0whole 1: I saw other people using the $-sign instead of the letter "S" for Sarah after Levi gave an interview. His observation was that after the election was over (and she lost) that all kinds of lucrative offers were pouring in and she wanted to be able to take advantage of them. She has even hinted that she can't discuss her plans now, but after she leaves, $arah will be free to tell what else she has in mind.

And there is that book deal which may be worth up to $10 million dollars. It would include tours and TV that she just couldn't do on a governor's schedule. Because there doesn't seem to be a record of any other governor leaving office just because he/she got bored and wanted to make more money, I think that $arah is greedy, selfish and has let down the people of her state. Jesse Venture remarked on the Larry King show recently that he and his family were under constant attack when he was the governor of Minnesota. He never once thought of quitting.

So, unless $arah reveals some new altruistic venture or charity work that she is involved in, far more important than just being governor, I'm going to assume that her new slogan is "$how me the money!"

Anonymous said...

Latest rumor - moving to the Hamptons. Nope, no money there. (end sarcasm)

get real said...





Tina said...

Palin is a truly pathetic person.

She is unable to govern at the high level expected of elected public servants so she quits - to insult and belittle others who disagree with her.

What a small and trivial person she really is.

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to figure out why $arah carries those blackberries around in her hand as if she were a model for Technology Magazine. There are plenty of important women who have photographed without their blackberry glued to the palm of their hand, such as Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton, Chancellor Merkel, Nancy Pelosi, in fact, I cannot think of anyone who brandishes the blackberry as the symbol of their importance. There are doctors "on call," people awaiting news that an organ will soon be available for their transplant, firemen, OK men have pockets, but by now you would think that someone could sew an inside pocket into $arah's suit jacket for her so she doesn't look like a model waiting for her closeup. I think that she might be trying to tell us that as long as the fingers are tapping out messages, she's important, "I tweet, therefore I am."



There is an image of Sarah the day she invited all, except CBS, media to Dillingham, Rachel Maddow had it as background. It shows happy face Palin and what looks like 1 or 2 black berries. Did anyone else see Palin with black berries the day she was working with the nets and reporter? Is that a photoshopped picture? If you have a moment, please check image @ BPP - RIP Dec. 4, 2006 - July 26, 2009

Anonymous said...

You have a fantastic blog here! I love your writing style and attention to detail.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Blow-Pop Palin,

I noticed her holding the Blackberries in the news report with the blonde woman reporter (ABC ?), not Andrea M., so yes, they were indeed visible on the shore.

Linda in Virgina

jo said...

Her politically incorrect will be her lying even more about President Obama. She will whip up as much hate as she possible can. She will most likely start sounding a lot like Michelle Bachmann. She hasn't talked as crazy as her yet, but she has always agreed with and endorsed all those crazy people, like Rush, Beck, Coulter, Levin, Hannity, etc. She did not quit to save AK from ethics complaints, they can be filed up to two years after she leaves office. She has committed more crimes than Ted, they will surly catch up with her someday. She sounded really scared when she gave her resignation speech. It didn't make any sense, and she gave no real reason for quitting. She may have made a big mistake, more people will be free to tell the truth about a lot of their questionable actions. The truth that Trig is not her baby may finally be told too. That has been one of her biggest lies. Her supporters say we hate her because she didn't abort him, which is stupid, no one has faulted her for that or would even if it were true. I don't get her claim that Trig was targeted in the media, the only thing close was the photo shops to make fun of her. She has brought all this on herself she can dish it out, but she can't take it. She can't punish everyone that exposes anything bad against her now, and she's losing her mind over it. She should have blinked.