Wednesday, 15 July 2009

$arah Palin's reasons...

Still on the recurring theme of $arah Palin's lies, could we have an explanation as to why she caused the sticky constitutional mess if she had been planning to resign for quite sometime?

In her gasping resignation speech, $arah said: "Let's just say, this decision has been in the works for a while..."

So why didn't she arrange the lieutenant governor business a bit better? $he had plenty of time to consult with Joe Schmidt regarding this issue. It would be interesting to learn his reasons for turning down a job he sought only four months ago.

How long is a while? Was the Legislature still in session? They could have voted on her new choice of lieutenant governor without the need for a special session.

I think this "while" of hers means less than 24 hours. $arah Palin's resignation was very abrupt, her demeanour and gasping did not reflect "much consideration", as she put it in her speech.

The rumours about her reasons to step down may have died down, but the reasons remain, whether we know what they are or not.

Ethics complaints? Media? Bloggers? Naah...

Launching her campaign for president in 2012? I don't think she would have been so pissed-off and breathless if this was the case. $he would have given a triumphant speech, not a whining, gasping one, even if she didn't admit to a future presidential run at the time.

Is she going to pursue a career in the media, cash in while the going is good? Again, her tone didn't reflect it.

$arah Palin lied on July 3 and has lied many times since then. We're used to it. Her tweets are getting weirder by the minute, she's gone all Greek on us.

I still believe the other Franco Sarto is going to drop at some point...


Anonymous said...

You know that picture really does show that the woman has some ugly ass feet, in some ugly ass shoes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will be petty also and say that on the new cover of Time her toes are un-prettily clenched and sporting a odd purple nail color that looks like it was applied three weeks prior.

As for her resignation speech, she did not sound like a woman who was thinking "I'm going to be wealthy and famous! So long suckers!" No, is what that painful grimace said to me was "I better grab as much money, as quickly as I can before XXX happens".

Whenever I think of her, I picture her in orange coveralls and handcuffs.

Anonymous said...

What toenail polish would Jesus use?

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Excellent use of the letter $, which I definitely think I going to $tick when referring to $P!

Anonymous said...

Please check out the photo of $arah Palin in the following article:
(first character is lower case letter l, not numberal 1)
The article is another example of Team Sarah, Susan B. Anthony List founder Marjorie Dannenfelser's love of $arah Palin. Marjorie's husband served in the Bush Administration. They are active Republicans, and I am guessing that the Washington Examiner leans their way, too.

The article is awful. I am interested in the photo which shows $arah's thin wispy hair, now streaked with blond highlights, and a much darker hair extension slung over her shoulder. Doesn't this woman have one mirror in her house?



Great to have you back!

Those toes! What more of an omen do her true believers need?

$arah is a victim of early hair thin out and weight loss, not her fault, of course. Why she talks fast and rambles has not been explained, maybe no one will notice. I hear Faux News is working on a speech therapist for her. Possibly one day Alaskans will learn where she got that accent. You betcha!

$arahPac can pay for the hair extensions and empathy fat suit, no one needs to know the full extent of her disability, just enough for a little sympathy fund drive.

Patrick said...

A new very interesting detail regarding “babygate” has emerged.

Ivy Frye, the very close confidante and “right-hand” of Sarah Palin twittered today:

“@C4P ethics filer mcleod "jumped" gov palin @ gop convent last yr-- a wk b4 trig was born! i distracted mcleod so gov could get to her suv.”

In case the message gets deleted:

Now why would Ivy Frye need to distract Andree Mcleod? Was the Governor trying to keep a distance between herself and Andree for any particular reason? Was Palin having one of her "low fluid days" perhaps?

There is another interesting detail to report: I was in contact with Andree McLeod today and asked her whether she can remember this incident. She answered and explained that this encounter with Ivy Frye happened at the GOP convention which started on Thursday, 13th March 2008 at the Captain Cook hotel in Anchorage.

About this convention:

She also stresses that Ivy Frye's claim that Andree McLeod "jumped" Sarah Palin (whatever this exactly means), is nonsense (..."this is a complete falsehood intended to paint me as a dangerous person and it’s not right at all", says Andree). can Ivy Frye say that Trig was born "a week later" ??? Interesting...!

basheert said...

Hello everyone:

Please hold your nose and head over to the ADN - they just broke a HUGE story about $aint $arah and her MISMANAGEMENT of the State Medicare/Medicaid enrollment program that appears to have resulted in approximately 277 deaths

Have fun guys

Anonymous said...

I think her shoes are a half-size too small.
So Trig was born ~March 20th.
So, where was Sarah?

She twittered about national health care reform in June.
See to your own responsibilities first, Governor.

"Here’s a link re: older AKns & Medicare, & a great read by former LG of NY"
10:41 PM Jun 8th from TwitterBerry

"True reform should benefit, not neglect, older Americans, the very bedrock of society! In AK, 80,000 AKns age 60+, to be affected by reform."
10:40 PM Jun 8th from TwitterBerry

"RE: Admin's health care reform: should take place in open, not behind closed doors. It must be sustainable, rather than “deficit neutral”"
10:39 PM Jun 8th from TwitterBerry

"Deficit neutral" - huh? Federal programs budgets should not only break even, but should generate profit? What?



mcleod "jumped" gov
Why the quotes?

What a cast of characters for a b movie. A little OT but while looking up Ivy Frye I came across Fox News conservative pundit, Amanda Carpenter and a Joe Mansour. It looks like Joe is c4p Mansour's brother. He has an interesting career. Their father was a Prof. Joseph Anthony Mansour who taught mathematics and statistics.

KaJo said...

I'll see your petty, Anon @ 16:09, and raise you!

1) "$arah is a victim of early hair thin out and weight loss, not her fault, of course."

Yeah, every woman going through menopause has this problem... :)

2) I still think she has monkey ears. That picture of her with the pink hoodie and weird hair extensions shows them off, not to her advantage.

The concha of her ear is huge, and the anthelix is much bigger than normal.

trev said...

I think 'simple' Levi hit the nail on the head. He heard Palin talking around the house about the millions she could take if she was not governor.
The other thing is why the weird date of July 27th, a Monday? The 31st is a Friday, end of the month. Swearing in new gov at a picnic? This is very weird. Does something happen on the 28th?
Is this Medicare thing the iceberg?

Patrick said...

When I read this message on Ivy Frye's twitter, I was reminded immediately about this "it's a boy" conversation that Sarah had with Piper at the beginning of April 2008, after having spoken to Bristol on the phone. This conversation was included in the footage that Fox bought from the Israeli filmmaker Elan Frank (he filmed Sarah for several days around the 8th April 2008).

I have this video in my files and will upload it again, because I think it disappeared in the meantime from youtube, although I might be wrong.

It's a good idea to "revisit" this clip again.

I personally think that Ivy Frye knows very well what's going on regarding Trig - she seems to be extremely close with Sarah and her family.

There is also another bit of information which I would like to bring to your attention: On April 15, 2008 Ivy Frye asked the IT-Director of the administration how to make her yahoo account the default account on her blackberry:

Interesting timing, I would say...!

Those watchdogs with their nasty FOIA requests would have no luck in trying to find out which valuable emails had been exchanged...