Monday, 27 July 2009

My top Sarah Palin scary pictures

I decided to select my top five scary pictures of $arah Palin. In order of scaryness:

In this photo, her eyes and mouth look very mean, as if there was a bad smell in the room.

Same theme here, with an added contemptuous expression. Nasty mouth.

This is a very hard expression, lacking any warmth whatsoever.

I don't know what prompted this look, but I would be scared if it was directed at me.

This one takes the first prize. It's unmistakably scary. Run as fast as you can!


buffalogal said...

O dear gawd! I've had the willies for each of these in the past but when you see them all in one place it's almost too much to digest!

I think a montage of these and a few others that you've previously run would make a really great "motivator" in a time-out room for a 7 year old. Forget the boogey man- This will scare a kid straight in a New York minute!

One of my other favorites is the one you ran with that grimace that drew her frown lines almost into her cleavage. That one always freaks me out.

Anonymous said...


she Is crosseyed

Anonymous said...

her true self poppin' through
why can't the minions of followers that are jesus freak see this?

I think the word (from my church going days) is Discernment

It's where "the lord" gives you intuition..

They just see the fluff and the feel sorry for her.. ooh she needs a hug.. She is a figment of their imagination.. but if they would pay half attention..

They'd see the smug sharp pointy chin .. just waitin' to lash out .. if she only had claws

Anonymous said...

It takes work to find those faces as she hides them well.

trev said...

Get that guy from Lie to Me to analyze the faces.