Monday, 20 July 2009

No $arah twits?

$arah Palin last twitted over 24 hours ago. It's odd... she twitted 8 times in three hours while packing her stuff at the Juneau mansion. Did she OD on the twits? Did somebody take her Quitterberrry away? Was her medication adjusted and she calmed down? Is she out of meaningful quotes?

I'm worried she's not twitting. There's so much to look forward to... politically incorrect twits and all that!



The dioxin poisoning from Wasilla's toxic hospital waste finally kicked in!

I just heard a news anchor mention that they need a twitter interpreter for her. Someone was explaining that she is not saying good-bye and how she could still run in 2046.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the respite from the tweets. She was driving me crazy! I couldn't decide if she was trying to channel Benjamin Franklin by tweeting wise sayings and offering advice-- or repeating the stuff that tourists sometimes write on post cards home. "Overwhelmed by beautiful scenery, a stirring moment. Went shopping this afternoon." Those quotations were a poor attempt at appearing literary. "Quotations for Dummies.

Because of the 140 character limit, she sounded like a stunted 6th grader using abbreviations, slang, 2 for to, no grammar, what a nightmare!

(When I was in school, there was a laundry soap called Duz. The slogan was "Duz does everything." Our teacher hated Duz for ruining the English language.)

Here are some possible reasons why $arah stopped twittering for a moment:

She found out that she can't make any money off of the tweets.

She learned that some one was collecting them to publish along with unflattering pictures of her-- it made her look like an idiot.

People made fun of her tweets. For example, when she returned to a rainy Juneau, her phrase was "consistent rain." I think that she meant "constant," as in continuing, never-ending rain. Rain is usually the same, consistent, unless there are big black globs coming down on you.

Trig just learned a couple of tricks today: walking, picking things up and hiding them. Where did you put the Blackberries, Trig?

Todd slammed the blackberries to the floor and exploded. He wants a little attention, too.

She packed them along with the State China, Silver and a couple of lamps.

$arah's been forgetting things, such as a meeting about Swine Flu, returning important calls, and now she forgot to pay the Blackberry bill, and they just cut off service.

Since her Blackberries were issued as state property, a State Trooper came to pick them up today.

The Blackberries are in her other purse. Oh, I forgot, she doesn't carry a purse.

$arah and Todd went fishing, and there was this big wave. $arah forgot to zip up the pocket that held the Blackberries. Damn that big fish!

That kid in Tennessee subpoenaed them, and the Feds came to get them today. Sorry, $arah.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Maybe she's thinking twice about what she writes being that the media is reporting on it. She's such an idiot. I'm embarrassed to be an Alaskan nowadays.

Blah, blah, blah... 'Trig gets a haircut', 'we're packing', blah, blah. A bunch of bs no one cares about. I wonder if other governors type the crap she does? Anyone know?

Daisydem said...

Quitterberry! I love it. I love it. I was laughing so hard. Put the term on a sticky note ... just one more thing to have around me at my desk this week as Screendoor Day approaches! (I don't follow her tweets - not on Twitter myself, but I do depend on all of you to keep us apprised and I am curious as to why there is a slowdown. Maybe this week will bring surprises leading up to Sunday!)

Anonymous said...

Sheeeee's back! A record 7 tweets in one hour and it was one continuous one. Well, I think it is supposed to be, but you know the word salad. So, it is hard to follow.

Let's just call it a Twitterama and it is still going on. She is frenetic about the newest ethics complaint.

Todd will NOT have an easy night with the old ball & chain tonight.

Virginia Voter said...

Yup...the Bitter Twitter Quitter is back Regina! I know it's the middle of the night where you are but the ethics complaints keep on coming. Bet Sarah wishes she had left sooner!

Van Flein's buying himself a new Mercedes courtesy of all the suckers who keep donating to the Alaska Fund Trust

lynnrockets said...

Maybe she went Twit or Tweeting!

Anonymous said...

Palin is manic and we have the proof on Twitter

Drew said...

rumor has it she ran out of dope,

but just re-upped with a fresh batch!

by the looks of her rapid tweets, I'd say it's some pretty good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Palin keeps repeating that all of the ethics complaints filed against her have been dismissed. I thought that there were several still pending.

Dear Regina, when you have finished unpacking, washing the vacation clothes, catching up on your mail, shopping, doing all of the daily necessary things, I have an idea:
Are you able to provide a simple easy to read list of the 21 total ethics charges lodged against Sarah, along with the disposition of each one. Most have been dismissed; maybe some are pending. And what possible punishment can they inflict on someone halfway out the door?? Thanks from a devoted reader

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

To quote the Talking Heads, "Watch out! You might get what you're after!" This brief lull came before an imperfect storm of Twitters. Maybe we'll all be prepared next time!