Monday, 27 July 2009

Sarah Palin in pictures - part 2

I had a request for a collection of $arah Palin's pictures showing the whole range of facial expressions she's capable of pulling.

A big thank you to all the readers who sent me some very good photos.


Click on each photo to enlarge


Anonymous said...

Has she had some plastic surgery? Her jawline and neck look smoother and tighter now than in earlier pictures.

Pat said...

By the time I scrolled through all of that I felt my breakfast coming up!

Anonymous said...

LOL - the crazy really shines through!

Anonymous said...

Regina, those were the pictures! Thanks so much. This is the way I want to remember her-then she doesn't seem as scary! (or does she?)


midnightcajun said...

So, she really does take bad pictures, too. The media just picks out the pretty ones because they draw readers. When will they listen to Sarah and quit lyin' to us?

Virginia Voter said...

You can see her crazy eyes in all of those pictures. The face she makes the most is that smug, pursed lips, "I'm right, you're wrong", classic mean girl expression she uses so often. It makes me ill. She is perhaps the single most annoying public figure on the face of the planet.

Bye, Bye Sarah, no more bully pulpit for you. See ya, wouldn't want to be ya...(just figured I'd throw in some childish rhetoric to get down to her level)

tomandlou said...

Smug,Self satisfied,Vindictive,Now I gotcha,Who do you think you are,Praise my name!I run this damm place!If you don't like it,too bad.God made me do it.Damm it feels good to have this power,Why cant they understand that Im perfect.Dont they realize I'm supposed to run the world,They have a lot of nerve saying I'm unethical!I have a God given right to do whatever the hell I want.This is what I see in these photos.

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how much younger she looks in the last photo (from July 2008?) as opposed to now.

Campaigning does age one.

Perhaps for that reason alone, Palin won't campaign ever again.

Patrick said...


thanks a lot for the pictures, these were both great collections!! Funny and scary at the same time. I am sure that Sarah had damned good reasons for resigning, and at one point we will certainly find out what exactly was going on there.

Ripley in CT said...

My favorite and least flattering of them are the pouty face one LOL and any of them that have her drawing her bottom lip and chin up to tightly pursed lips.

Good riddance. And may we all continue to laugh at her at will. forever and ever amen.

basheert said...

hag - she's a hag,,,

unfortunately when the inside is nasty and ugly, it shines through. She is living proof that evil is truly an ugly persona.

KaJo said...

Do you have any idea, Regina, when the picture in the middle of the second row from the top was taken?

That's the most jowl-y picture I've ever seen of Palin.

I wonder if that was when she purposely gained weight when she was trying to appear "pregnant".

If it was even before that (January 2008 to April 2008), then wow, yes, she's surely had some "work" done.

regina said...


I don't know when the picture was taken. She was giving an interview at her own home, judging by the "sporty" railings in the background. She looks ghastly!


CC from far away said...

Kajo & Regina:

Yep, that is my favorite picture of XGINO ...

I wish it were plastered everywhere since it would really bother "the hot gov."

Work done? Oh, I think so ...

(I hate it that she brings up the pedestrian in me....)

Anonymous said...


The crazy and the evil really shows through when you look at them all at once like this.

Those are the only ones that draw emotion from me. The ones where she looks fairly sane/normal are overshadowed (for me at least), by the ones where she looks insane and/or mean/evil.

Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Interesting collection. She's had a lot of pictures taken with the photographer looking up/under her chin. She moves her lips about way to much when she talks. She may think it's natural, but it makes her look "gaggy". I do photography and I try to make sure I present a good side and good facial presentation, no matter the person. It shows my ability as a photographer.
From this grouping, she is constantly "mocking or preening," not sure if those are the correct terms, as she knows she is being photographed. She presents nerviousness and ultimately shows disrespect for whomever she is talking to.

These are clownish jestures, not real, there's no depth or sincerity to her expressions.

I usually try to avoid looking at her, but this is telling grouping.

I am sure the photographers are professionals for these shots, but the subject matter is what it is.

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Sister Wolf said...

Terrifying! I love it!

GinaM said...

Those crazy looking eyes in the Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson interviews.