Wednesday, 22 July 2009


# Sign
about 14 hours ago from QuitterBerry

# Re inaccurate story floating re:ethics violation/Legal Defense Fund;matter is still pending;new info was just requested even;no final report
about 19 hours ago from QuitterBerry

What's the top twit about? Should it read "Sigh"?


basheert said...

Will this harradin ever shut up?

She even lies by TwitterBerry! DisGUSting!

The report is a FINAL report. She sat on it for over a week. She is a blithering idiot.

ooops...manic phase entered!

PalinMotto: If you Twitter is it still a lie?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she has received a sign from above?

Maybe she stole a sign?

Perhaps she sees this a sign to take the money and run?

Anonymous said...

Sarah's favourite radio talk show host Eddie Burke twittered yesterday:

"@Dasani_01 No reason to get started.. ur a socialist and im not. We will never agree.. My job is to eliminate you. Hitler did this once."

Anyone surprised?

Anonymous said...

Eddie Burke's twitter:

basheert said...

Thanks...however I tend to not read garbage from him. If I want to commit suicide, I'll watch Glenn Beck (Harold Hill for real).

Why DID Glenn Beck change his name? Wonder if there is some crime attached to the name of Hill.

Burke is a Jerk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The next twitter starts with "I signed" or "I will sign" or whatever.

Consider "Sign" a premature emission from fingers that are probably suffering from "Blackberry Palsy Overuse Syndrome".

Hey Sarah? Maybe you could type from a keyboard instead? Just as a matter of finger health?

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Regina, many years ago, I worked as a proofreader at a law firm. It was one of the best gigs of my turbulent youth--well-paying, posh diggings (free Diet Dr. Pepper from a never-empty spigot! tiny private "catnap rooms"!), and what proved to be an unexpectedly prestigious way station/launching pad from one publishing job to the next.

But I keep thinking about those blue-pencil days when I read $P's tweets. In fact, they are even more cringe-worthy in a day in which spell-check can save a hasty, ignorant soul from herself. Thanks to our ability to cache screen-saves, these tweets are... well, forever.

$P's incoherent tweets are the absolute antithesis of anything that the law firm, or any purveyor of the written word for whom I've worked (a long list), would ever want to have traced back to their doors.

In one of her sentence fragments with Katie Couric, when $P claimed "great admiration" for journalists, I wondered, could she really think so? Forgive me for stating again the obvious, but once in the 24/7, merciless eyes of the MSM as well as whom she terms "mean bloggers," the only coverage $P could bear would be described most rudely and accurately by a former co-worker as a "hand job."

Such examples include the recent, uncritical offerings from Christianity Today and Runner's World.

My money's on the likelihood that $P eventually will implode, return to obscurity, and/or be welcome only on the rubber-caribou-dinner, far-right speaking circuit. Her tweets will live on. (Strains of the "Titanic" theme song in the background...)

Really, $P could not make a more permanent record of her word salad had she improbably incised them in cuneiform on stone tablets! Lacking frequent-flyer miles to the Middle East, who would see them? Translate them?

$P has exposed her ignorance, vindictiveness, and poor impulse control to the widest potential audience. And permanently. A slew of graduate theses and dissertations, no doubt, are being researched and written about her. Who will blame them, apart from $P and her fervent enablers/fan base? Will anyone else listen, or care, once she's well shut of governin' (such as it was)? These grad students hope their advisors will...

Anonymous said...

bashert--if that is true that Glenn Beck is really Harold Hill, well, then Harold Hill is the Professor Harold Hill from "The Music Man". He was a lovable con man.

As opposed to Glenn, who is just a con man.

Anonymous said...

With a capital B that rhymes with T that stands for tool.

basheert said...

Hey you're right - KeithO "nicknamed" him that in honor of the Con Man - thanks for the info.

They're all living con jobs....

KaJo said...

Read The Brad Blog for a new wrinkle on this latest ethics violation/complaint filed:

(an excerpt)

Did Palin attorney defame an ethics complainant in recent statement?

A brief, two paragraph statement [PDF] by the private attorney of Alaska's very-soon-to-be-former Gov. Sarah Palin was posted on the governor's official public state website on Monday.

Attributed to "Thomas Van Flein --- Personal Attorney for Governor Palin", the statement posted to the Governor's officially run state website at decries the latest ethics complaint filed against Palin --- alleging the improper disclosure of gifts and the receipt of free services --- as an abuse of the state Ethics Act.

That the official state website would be used to publicize the private response of Palin on Monday to another ethics charge is somewhat ironical, given Tuesday's leak of a preliminary independent report [PDF] from a state ethics commission investigator finding "probable cause" that Palin's "official" legal defense fund violated the Ethics Act in that it made use of her "official position for personal gain."

Citing Alaska Statute 39.52.120(a) which states that a "public officer may not use, or attempt to use, an official position for personal gain," the state's independent investigator, Thomas M. Daniel notes that "personal gain" is defined by law as "a benefit to a person's or immediate family member's personal interest or financial interest."

Does the use of the state's website to publicize Palin's personal attorney's response to an official ethics complaint constitute the use of "an official position for personal gain"? Was the complainant allowed to post her attorney's response to the complaint, or to Palin's personal response to it, on the official Alaska state website? Of course not.

Perhaps one more ethics complaint needs to be filed in Alaska before Palin quits her job as Governor this weekend.