Friday, 10 July 2009

Open Thread - Still in the UK

Hi, this is a quickie, just to say that we're nearly done with the boat sale. Back to normal on Monday or Tuesday.

Who knows, having missed all the commotion last week, maybe I'll get back to France and the other shoe will drop? That would be some compensation for her atrocious timing on the resignation thingie!

Take care, everybody. I can't wait to write a decent post...


Anonymous said...

"Take care, everybody. I can't wait to write a decent post..."

Well, you haven't yet, so what makes you think that it will change?

midnightcajun said...

Hope you're having fun. We've missed you through this wild roller-coaster ride.

basheert said...

Wow - hope you are enjoying yourself sweetie. Your timing was impeccable but we kept things hustling for you.

Nice to hear from you and I'm sure we're all looking to be happy when you get back in town!

Dianne said...

Looking forward to you getting back to writing your always great posts. Hope you had time to have a bit of fun.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are amazing. Last week I sent the name of your blog to many reporters that I know personally since I am in the business. Your efforts and those of the Alaskan bloggers are really going to pay off.

Quite a few damaging books and articles are pending. Bloggers lead the journalists to other links which are used for investigation. I believe some in the main stream media will be reporting more of the details of what you call gates then ever before.

Also we have received threats and political pressure in the past . The poltical pressure is lessening because the GOP does not want Sarah Palin as a candidate.

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks to Regina for providing in-depth research, timely material and this wonderful format for healthy exchange of ideas. Please enjoy what's left of your away-time, Regina.

I'd like to offer some cheap psychology insight to two political characters. First mine: I have never had such a visceral dislike of any two people in public life as Sarah Palin and George Bush. The thing that I resent most about them is that they seem to be in an important position without having any of the qualifications to be there. The power that propels people into public office has more to do with money, connections and charisma instead of qualification, sad to say. (Fortunately, President Obama is an exception to this rule).

I think that Sarah and George share alot of the same traits. I am going out on a limb here in guessing that they both suffer from some kind of Attention Deficit Disorder. Neither care to read, to analyze and think about things and consequences, both last only 15 minutes in meetings. There didn't seem to be a genuine thought process involved, more of a by-the-gut reaction. Both had garbled speech patterns, although Sarah truly mangled the language; George just mixed things up.

Another frightening quality is their lack of concern for others. When Bush was governor, he famously mocked a woman on death row. Remember Bush and Katrina. Sarah disregarded Native Alaskans last winter when they were truly freezing and starving. (No, a prayer and a plate of cookies is not compassion).

My nephew has many of the same symptoms in his Attention Deficit Disorder. He can't process material through reading, but he is masterful with people. Both Sarah and George have real people skills. What is frightening is how they relate to that ordinary uneducated guy who can identify with them. (Think Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber).

The problem with not admitting that you don't have the skills is that you are secretly filled with anxiety and fear, always just getting by. This is where the lying comes in. Sarah has been caught in so many mis-statements that it might just be habitual with her. The statements are made to make herself more important, to cover something up, or just an easy way to get out of another tough situation.(Bush certainly lied about Weapons of Mass Distruction. But, we don't know if he believed it or they just told him to say it. I doubt that he was really in the loop on alot of things).

Both Sarah and George have this bravado (bravada) personality, swagger, fearless to mask the turmoil inside. People call it confidence in Sarah. I would call it her mechanism to put things on her terms. "I may not answer the questions that you ask me; I'll just be giving my own answers." When confronted by reporters she lapsed into the same talking points or failed to answer the questions. (She snapped at Andrea Mitchell, "You're not listening to me. The truth is Sarah wasn't answering Andrea.") The first time we heard Sarah truly gasping was when she gave that resignation speech. She was scared! (Was it a panic attack?) Both Sarah and George say that they rely on a higher power to guide their thinking; their talk about noble causes is religious not political. It's also a device to excuse not thinking about a matter seriously.

So far, I hope that George Bush is the model for Sarah's future. I know that she is dreaming of book deals, giving speeches, maybe a TV show. George doesn't look like he's doing much of anything; he wasn't well received at a recent speech. And,unlike Sarah, at least you have to give him credit for finishing his term of office while wildly unpopular.

KaJo said...

Anon @ 18:27

The kingmakers in the GOP may not want Sarah Palin to be a candidate, but I'm beginning to wonder about the closet, under-the-table, secret kingmakers in the GOP MEDIA mainstream (and fringe) who want her front and center.

The neocons' constant claim that MSM is liberal is just another example of their constant barrage of "projection" of everything they say or do applied to their targets, or victims.

I think the two entities are working quite closely together on the national level, and that it'll take constant vigilance by such determined bloggers as Regina, CD, Gryphen, AKM, Phil M., etc. to counter the misinformation campaign that still seems to benefit Palin.

Anonymous said...

There was some discussion about Sarah's book deal over at Palin's Deceptions. Publicly, the book offer was supposed to be $3 to $3.5 million. Those in the know in the publishing biz heard that the deal was more like $1 to $1.5 million for the book, with Rupert Murdoch offering another $2 outside of the book deal. So,if KaJo is on the right track, Murdoch's Millions might be some cash, and also might be a TV gig. Isn't he behind Fox News??? And, he's bought into newspapers as well, but I doubt that the Journalism Major could write coherently. Nope, it's Talking TV, and you have to wonder if Murdoch has his hand in the deal. (Watch out Greta, your "friend" may be after your spot)>

Anonymous said...

Sarah would knock over Greta in one sec if she could! She doesn't seem the loyal type.

I don't think Sarahs book is going to do very well. 1.5 million sounds like a lot but is it? I am surprised her quitting isn't a violation of her contract!

She won't be gov Palin anymore so who cares. I don't believe the idea that quitting was brilliant. It dhows she is a quitter. She has quit every job of her adult life. That waonly one poll saying it did not matter. My Republican friends say it does matter. Quitting an elected position for money or any other reason than a promotion or illness looks weak no matter how they spin it. The people high up in the party don't want her.

You know she is SO dumb! If she had said O am quitting because my family needs me would have made her look great. Now she appears a greedy person who can't take the pressure.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question. Once that Sarah is no longer governor, what happens to the ethics complaints?

(So far, they haven't had much effect on her. They did find that she couldn't charge the State of Alaska for her kids travel expenses, but as it turns out that the expenses were paid for by her PAC, not repaid by Sarah. Meaning, she kept all the money that the State gave her for the kids' travel. Attention IRS).

Even the Legislature found that she commited ethics violations during the so-called Troopergate, but there were no consequences. No fine, nothing. So, how will they hold Sarah accountable? She's the one costing Alaska all that extra money by her outrageous behavior. Where's the bill?

lisabeth said...

To the last anon, I have wondered the same thing. CNN said the investigations will continue no matter what.

To anon who talked about ADD, you may be on to something. I have read (RUMOUR) that some have wondered if shebis bi polar the symptoms would or could be very similar. About George W many don't know he had Lyme disease more than once. It can effect the brain and cause cognitive problems that look like ADD. The whitehouse tried to downplay it and cover it up. Look on google.

On another blog we people are talking about the book deal and the fact she must have gotten an advancement. My understanding is that the Alaska ethics laws say she can't profit until 2 years after her term ends. So maybe someone was going to file a complaint. Wouldn't it be a clear violation?

Again rumour and guessing, and not saying anything is fact.

Anonymous said...

I'm torn between two main theories. One is Levi's version: Take the money and run. Book deals, TV, speeches, cash in now.

However, watching that speech last Friday, I was impressed by the fact that she appeared panicky, gasping for breath. She said things that were crazy! If it was the money, there was no need to rush the speech out there. And, the payout would be just as big when her term of office would be over. She could stay in the public eye, toy with us (will she run or not run?) and build her credibility.

So, theory number 2 is something that I read on the internet, a truly reliable source (rumor alert! Don't sue us!) The rumor is that this time the ethics violation involving money was so great that her handpicked committee just couldn't look away. The resolution was that she couldn't make it go away by paying it back. This time, it was decided that she could keep the payout and just go quietly. No questions asked.

Since this is in the rumor department, the guess was that she had taken unauthorized money from her PAC. People have gone over the finely worded contract that exsists regarding the PAC and her Alaska Fund Trust. The terms involve what and for whom the donations are made, and what they can be used for. Somehow in that legal language, Sarah violated the terms of either the PAC or Fund causing this rumor to circulate.

The third rumor is that a long standing investigation is coming to a head. It could be Housegate. There are other instances of income that might not have been reported correctly. And Brad's Blog hints at health insurance fraud (that one might be a stretch). So, anyone's guess is as good as as another.

Vaughn said...

Here's a question. Once that Sarah is no longer governor, what happens to the ethics complaints?

It's my understanding that once she is no longer Governor they will no longer apply.If she is
under a state or federal investigation I wouldn't think resigning would stop it.

Tara said...

You are missed Regina!

Drew said...

Palin/Joe da Plumber 2012

w/Joe Six Pack as Alternate #01 in case someone Quits!

Anonymous said...

Vaughn where did you read that? On ADN and CNN they clearly stated that they still have to investigate every single one. Even after she is gone if it relates to the time she was in.

If the board is letting her go wthout paying illegally taken money they are setting themselves up for huge lawsuits as well as FBI investigations. It is immoral, unethical and illegal for them to do that. What are the board members names? Can we all send them letters? If anyone has suggestions as to what to say let us know! It angers me if she violated the laws and they let her walk! They are responsible. Thus stupid woman is getting millions for a book! Does she need to steal from the state or people who donate to her? Wish webhad a lawyer who could tell us what to say.

Gail said...

"Take care, everybody. I can't wait to write a decent post..."

Well, you haven't yet, so what makes you think that it will change?

What a horrid vicious and UNTRUE comment! Disgusting, go away troll!

Regina, not to worry you will have plenty of material when you get back. Don't miss Peggy Noonan's article about Sarah, of course, the Wonkette has great comments on it!

Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to your next excellent post. I check almost all the Palin websites just about daily, and yours is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Everything you always wanted to know about Videmus Omnia aka Tim Lindell from C4P – who “outed” himself and now starts to write guests columns on other blogs, for example on Alaska Dispatch...

... and has media appearences.

Check out for example his guest appearance on Dan Fagan's show, which was NOT publicised on C4P, because....well, apparently he didn't win the argument:’s-no-denying-it-palinbots-can-be-entertaining

He wants his portion of "fame", and why not? After all, he is the "premier" C4P attack dog, next to R.A. Mansour.

Download the PDF with Tim Lindell's details here (no personal/confidential info, just material he HIMSELF had posted on the internet some time ago):

Don't ya wanna know why he chose to be anonymous for such a long time...?

Anonymous said...

Brand new Sarah Palin music video:

Make sure to watch it until the end!!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Bruce Wilson just posted an article on Huffington Post:
C Street house, Seven Mountains, YWAM (Youth With A Mission), Pastor Muthee, etc.
Be sure to comment and tell people about Regina's site!

sandra said...

For quite a while I have had a nagging feeling that something sinister was behind SP's motions. I consistently get the feeling that she is being manipulated by some one or some group that knows how to work her.

My suspicions are now focusing on Rupert Murdoch, but he may be another front like Coale and Malek. I hope I am wrong, and everything is just a crazy farce starring Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Sandra: It is Rupert Murdoch. Over at Immoral Minority, Gryphen posted that the deal from Rupert for her book is a whopping $10 million, which includes TV, radio, book signing appearances, everything.

I think that $10 million may be excessive. People in the publishing business write at Palin's Deceptions that the deal is $3 to $3.5 million, with $1 to $1.5 million for the book, and $2 million to sweeten the deal.

Gryphen also reports that Sarah may have been planning to quit as early as December. This means that she allowed (used) John Coale to set up a PAC that isn't going to be used to make political appearances. (Unless that's what Rupert has in mind). All these months, she has been getting her fans to donate money while she is making out like a bandit. What a piece of work!

I think that if it's a contest among Rupert,Coale and Malek as to who has the most money (and is willing to spend it), I think it's Rupert who has a vast publishing and TV empire. Let's face it; the whole thing stinks.

FEDUP!!! said...

WOW! Go check out Uncle Gryphens blog...

Patrick said...


you haven't really missed much in the meantime.

Sarah has been a lying media-whore, as always.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Regina, found this from Lazarhat's comment on Immoral Minority:

So these 7 Mountains creepy people have added a Superior Court Judge to their Mountain of Government. Scary!

I thought it odd that the name of the judge is Gregory Louis Heath, and Sarah's maiden name is Sarah Louise Heath.

Anonymous said...

"My Commitment to Alaskans is Unwavering" - 2006 campaign ad - pg 8

Citizen of Snark City said...

Regina, your blog is fantastic.

Has everyone seen this Mitchell essay?

He doesn't think Palin will run in 2012.

Anonymous said...

"While the defense fund has raised more than $250,000, according to its trustee, the money cannot be spent pending resolution of an ethics complaint that contends that the contributions could amount to improper gifts."

FEDUP!!! said...

This one caught my eye - maybe ANOTHER -gate???

It was posted on Shannyns' blog as a response to her latest post.

By: TeamSarah4CHOICE on July 13, 2009
at 6:10 am

I wanted to bring up one more thing Palin is not talking about & needs to be complete before she leaves office.

Here goes: On June 17, ADN reported that
1) In April 29 letter – APOC asked the governor if she has any other gifts she hasn’t reported.
2) Palin response to APOC: “Mail continues to arrive. There are boxes of unopened mail at this point, even mail that was delivered in 2008. Thus, as initially disclosed, ‘we continue to open boxes’ and we consider any parcel ‘received’ at the time it is opened. I have reported those gifts received thus far that are required to be disclosed,”
—i.) Does this mean Palin will WAIT to open the gifts to avoid disclosure?
—ii.) It would seem to ME Palin has it wrong – the gifts ‘received’ date should be the post mark of the gift.
—iii.) The IRS, banks, etc ALL USE the “POST MARK” as the date received – NOT the date “opened.”

Next question:
Roughly a week after Palin’s Personal Personnel Board dismissed the Arctic Cat walking billboard – Palin filed with the APOC a written request for EXEMPTION of Financial Disclosure regarding Arctic Cat.
—i) What ever happened with that request?
—ii) IF: APOC decides Palin must follow the AS 39.50 law, THEN: Will she be able to skip out on that disclosure after her “iQuit” date?
—iii) Wouldn’t it be interesting if IN the secret Arctic Cat contract was a line suggesting the Gov wear the Arctic Cat logo.

This is important because:
a) Palin’s Personal Personnel Board SHOULD have investigated the Arctic Cat contract that Palin wants to keep secret and,
b) AS 39.50 requires, by law, that Palin DISCLOSE ALL GIFTS/DISCOUNTS for her family.

Anonymous said...

When John Coale set up Palin's Legal Defense Fund, he bragged to a reporter that he pulled in $500,000. right away. Margaret Carlson appeared on Keith Olbermann's Countdown News Show and said that she had talked to Coale. Coale siad that all of Palin's legal bills had been paid, including some of the gates we've been talking about here.

So, if they started with $500,000., paid bills and expenses leaving $250.000 it seems that they violated the part of the claim that the legal defense fund contributions were actually gifts to Palin. They paid bills on her behalf,so it looks like a gift.

The biggest question mark is Troopergate because the legal defense fund was set up to protect the office of governor of the state of alaska from attacks. The problem is that Troopergate had nothing to do with Palin's official capacity as governor. It was a personal vendetta against her former brother-in-law, and in this case, she hired a personal lawyer. It was also her biggest expense, more than all of the other gates combined. Why should anyone else have to pay for her personal lawyer?

So the big question is-- is this the investigation that brought about Palin's resignation? Did they say to her: Pay back the money or we will have to find that you accepted a sizable gift while you were governor, and that's a no no?

basheert said...

NO ONE CARES ABOUT VID/O - he is a nut, a troll, a vicious jerk.

You've been posting this stuff for over a week and it's amazing you have not figured out that NO ONE CARES.

If he violated his UCMJ, then let them get him. He is a liar, and he is vicious.

Speaking for many - WE DO NOT CARE WHO THE TROLL IS...go away now ok?

basheert said...

I would be interested in knowing what it is about Palin that allows her to possibly accept gifts without reporting them as the law states?

I would like to know how she can receive all this money and SUPPOSEDLY not declare it as a gift when I would be requires to report it?

I would like to know why she gets special treatment for her actions, sets up a Personnel Board (paid by State Dollars) to give her a pass on potentially illegal actions?

I would be interested to know What will happen to all this money that she appears disinclined to want to declare and why as a US citizen I am required to follow IRS rules?

REGINA: You have email...

Anonymous said...

Coale, a former Hillary Clinton supporter, told me he felt Palin had gotten a bum rap from liberals and conservatives alike, and he advised her that a pac was a logical and legal way to pay for out-of-state political travel. “We raised a good bit of money without even asking,” Coale says. “Just set up a Web site and, I think in the first month, $400,000 came in.”

Sarah Palin’s political action committee raised nearly $733,000 in the first six months of 2009 and has more than $450,000 in cash on hand, according to new filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Anonymous said...

The PAC was to be used for political events and travel. $283,000.! In 6 months! Let's see, Palin went to the Alfalfa Dinner, maybe one more GOP thing, the Autism Walk (that's not political), the Evansville Indiana Right to Life (that's not political). Someone at Mudflats has a breakdown and reported that $100,000. went to a management company, $4000 for travel and storage. Where did all the money go?? Is she storing those GOP clothes for future use?

As for the Legal Defense Fund, an ethics violation was been filed in April, and no money from that account was to be spent until the complaint was resolved As of today, that complaint still has not been resolved and 2 more have been filed. Palin has repeated the false claim that all of the charges filed against her have been dismissed, but that is not the case.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Romney raised twice as much as Sarah Palin did in the same amount of time, and he was never on the national ticket, nor do any of his children work as abstinence advocates for Candies.

Those c4pee-ers sure have turned a lot of folks off of Palin.

AKPetMom said...

I sit here and now get to at least put it in writing: "I told you so". I had many, many friends here that thought that SP was just the best thing since sliced bread and they put her SP for Gov bumper stickers on their cars and shouted her praises to anyone that would listen.

I was branded the "lefty hippy girl" when I shared with them the many reasons that she should not be considered for the position. (the main reason being that she just really isn't that smart...regardless of her other faults)

Now I get to say, " Itold you so, so there".

Anonymous said...;contentBody

Interesting survey - she's losing the war!!