Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sarah Palin, Hollywood, wolves

This is from a pro-Palin site, on Wednesday:

Well, folks - here is a Palin Prediction that took only three days to come true:

$arah Palin, quitspeech on Sunday: do what’s right for Alaska when the pressure mounts, because you’re going to see anti-hunting, anti-second amendment circuses from Hollywood and here’s how they do it. They use these delicate, tiny, very talented celebrity starlets...

Huffington Post, also on Wednesday:

Sens. Diane Feinstein of California and Ben Cardin or Maryland introduced legislation that would explicitly prohibit hunters from shooting and killing wildlife from aircraft.

Delicate, tiny, very talented US Senate starlet Diane Feinstein and action hero Sen. Ben Cardin have mounted a Hollywood circus against hunting and the second amendment...

Yes, Palin fans' perceptions are sooo accurate!

Now, seriously, I found an interesting article by Jill Missal, entitled "The Legend of the Wolf: A Trip to Hollywood".

One passage refers to a film made in 1983, Never Cry Wolf:

Never Cry Wolf (1983, Carroll Ballard), the well-known adaptation of Farley Mowat's entertaining novel, was by far the most sympathetic wolf movie I watched. The movie's main character, a young, inexperienced biologist, is sent to the Alaskan bush to determine if wolves are responsible for the decline of a caribou herd. The biologist observes a small pack of wolves and soon learns to understand their behavior and structure of their society. He sees them as a family (especially after they have pups), but the movie does not sugar coat the facts of the wolves' carnivorous behavior. They are shown hunting caribou and other animals, but never in a way that makes them look irrationally vicious...

Small correction: the plot takes place in Canada, not in Alaska, although it doesn't alter the findings of the biologist or the relevance of such findings regarding the issue in question.

The discussion about wolves an their predatory behaviour appears to have started at least 25 years ago. The author of the article explores the impact of Hollywood on the public perception of the wolf as a bloodthirsty, vicious enemy and how it achieved its bad reputation.

The Board of Game, appointed by $arah Palin, has strong links to commercial and trophy hunting organisations, as highlighted here.

$arah Palin's "Hollywood needs to know, we eat, therefore we hunt" soundbite doesn't reflect the truth. The predator control schemes in Alaska have very little to do with subsistence hunting, it's all about special interests groups.

If anybody is fond of mounting a circus, I would say it's the quitter ex-governor herself. There are: the Family Circus, the Evangelical Circus, the Letterman Circus, to name a few... all bearing $arah's fingerprints all over.


Patrick said...

Sarah Palin's resignation as a bad acid trip - brilliant! (video)

Never before was Sarah so ... real!

Dianne said...

Inspiration for a new blog - "The Sarah Palin Circus" blog. Come one, come all! See the many unbelievable, miraculous, at times hilarious and always frightening acts of the Sarah Palin Circus.

midnightcajun said...

I think it was her vicious wolf-killing campaign that put Sarah beyond the pale for me and tipped the balance from intellectual dislike to raw, shaking hatred. My dad hunted deer and moose, elk and pheasants, but he always had a special reverence for wolves. His great-grandmother was a Cherokee from the Clan of the Wolf.

This woman seems to harbor a strange hatred of animals. We're told she vehemently hates cats. A friend who had given the Palins a puppy says he had to take it back when Sarah became governor because she "didn't have time for it." (Right.) Is it that Christian "dominion over the animals" illusion? A psychopathic disdain for life? What is going on with her?

Frank said...

She hates anything that doesn't have $ or some sort of fawning value to her.

There is a special place in hell for people like her.

KaJo said...

I did read the whiny commentary over "there" in which the writer attempts to justify Palin's position by quoting a couple of villagers who support shooting wolves.

I suspect those two villagers, or their families, have a lot vested in the trophy hunting business, and were quite willing to pander to a pro-Palin statement.


As for Palin herself, she does most of her "hunting" for food in the local Wasilla Wal-Mart, as has been seen in several of her photo-ops over the past months since her return from the campaign.

Think about it: Other than that weekend after her "quit speech", she hasn't either taken time for a hunting trip OR a fishing trip since she came to national attention.

She's just whined and attacked people who point out her inconsistencies and departures from fact, and discovered the potential of Twitter...very little else.

So, here we are again, pointing out another one of her inconsistencies and departures from fact.

abirato said...

Please don't say she is going to hell. That's where I'm headed and I sure as hell don't want her there.

Anonymous said...

Little men with teeny balls like to show off how MANLY they are by climbing into a helicopter with a high powered rifle, running down a wolf and blasting it.


Do Alaskans eat wolf?

SoCalWolfGal said...

I am glad the people took that puppy back. Personally, I wouldn't want her taking care of a goldfish! God the woman is despicable. I am sorry but there is something seriously wrong with a person that so obviously hates animals - all animals it seems.

I have read "Never Cry Wolf". It is a fascinating commentary on these much maligned and misunderstood animals.

Please, please everyone contact your legislators and lets get the PAW Act passed!

FEDUP!!! said...

Somewhat O/T, but I did not know that Congress passed a law some 15 years ago to ensure that rape victims would never see a bill (but we all know that $arah had her constituents in Wasilla pay for their own rape kits... - thus she actually broke a law when she was mayor...)

Anonymous said...

Another O/T; found it on AKM:

"I heard from reliable source that she has been closeted with several attorneys drafting particulars of a series of libel & slander suits to be filed beginning next Monday."

Anonymous said...

Some one made this comment in another article about wolves culling the herd. Wolves will go after what they can catch, often the weak, small or sick animals. Hunters go for trophies, the best they can find. That not's natural or survival of the fittest in any way.

basheert said...

Just on a personal note, a long time ago in a former life, I was married to a zookeeper.

During that time, we were allowed to, and in fact encouraged to hand raise baby animals who had been rejected.

So - I had my lions - 3 of them. Jasper, Jennifer and Malika.....these cats were approximately 5 weeks when I got them, they were imprinted on mom and they were nasty little suckers. I had to bottle feed them and get them on ZooPreem (carnivore diet). This was NOT easy.

And into the middle of this lovely mix and chaotic household (we had 3 English setters and a litter of 7 pups), 4 domestic housecats and a wonderful husband brought home a wolf pup.

He was about 7 weeks old - and immediately set up trying to befriend 3 very upset, nasty and uninterested lion cubs. When that didn't work, he tried to love up the puppies and of course, mom had a FIT.

He also howled all night - lots of howling. He was adorable but definitely not domestic.

Luckily my best and dearest friend took him until he went where he was going .... and she got to listen to him howl too. It's a beautiful sound but not at 3:00am.

Plus I had cubs who were sitting in corners practicing baby-roars.

Our household was a veritable daughter took her cubs to Show and Tell every week. It was such fun...but I do remember the voice on that wolf pup!

Sorry if it's not a fun story - it's an amazing memory!

I could never kill one....after knowing that little guy.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Basheert-what a wonderful story :)
Wolves are very intelligent and smart. I have never had the pleasure to know one personally ...but I have read alot of stories of people having wildlife compounds, "wolves at the door" and different books, I am always intrigued by these stories of the wild canines. If you go to wolf song of Alaska you will see why these predator "culling" and "management" are pure lies.
The purpose is sport killing. Chuck heath had been quoted as something like "he hopes each hunter leaves Alaska with a dead wolf under each arm".
For someone wanting and gloating in killing these beautiful animals, is serious psychological sickness.

Patrick said...

This is just too sweet, from a commenter at the Sea for Pee - you just cannot make it up. Must be great to live in a dreamworld:

"There's something about Sarah that's still unfathomable. You know it's there but cannot quite put a finger on.

An invisible mystical cloak wrapped around her?

Her presence causes a crowd to explode into a frenzy of enthusiasm and holding them riveted to her speech and hung on to her every word that is always simple plain spoken word, yet so resonates with the crowd and reaches deep into the heart of a listener.

It is an unknown quality. The quintessential nature of it may remain an unknowable unknown.
It is metaphysical."

regina said...


That's priceless! I go there occasionally and find them hilarious. Some of them refer to $P as if she was god or something. This kind of worship is unhealthy.

I can admire some politicians, but never, ever worship any of them. Well, my mental age is not around 12, after all...

At that age I was in love with John Lennon!


Anonymous said...

Patrick, all I can say to that is BARF and the person is delusional and needs help!

Intersting post about Sarah planning on filing libel suits. If she does that, she is even dumber then I thought. I wondered why she was so angry during her quitters speech and I thought about the Alaskan bloggers. It drove her bananas that she couldn't control or manipulate what the bloggers were saying. She is clearly a complete control freak! Suing people or magazines will only bring her lies further into the light. She just doesn't learn. Look at Oresident Obama! If anyone could have a libel suit it's him!! But he is smart to rise above all of that and ignore it. That is another reason Sarah will never be in office again. Her vindictiveness has always been a problem for her.

basheert said...

Interesting that she has now bailed on the Simi Valley Republican Women's "thing" on August 8.

I'm sure they're probably secretly delighted about the whole thing.

Why would they want her? And why would Nancy Reagan, who has more class in her little finger than $P has in her entire body, want that hideous creature in her Ronnie's Library?

WV: fruck

Anonymous said...

Interesting post about Sarah planning on filing libel suits.

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