Thursday, 23 July 2009

More stuff flying from $arah Palin's fingers, via QuitterBerry

#This wk saw add'l violation of law:filer of friv ethics complaint leaks confidential documents out of context 2 create false headlines, pre-
about 3 hours ago from QuitterBerry

#judge investigation,destroy integrity of process&strip rights;Abuse WILL cont til leaks/friv filers r held accntble&press reports accurately
about 3 hours ago from QuitterBerry

# Legal Fees Fund trustee's press conf yest set record straight w/facts/truth re:recent complaint;read transcript in case press chooses not to
about 3 hours ago from QuitterBerry

Here's the whole rant in one paragraph, it's a bit easier to read:

This wk saw add'l violation of law:filer of friv ethics complaint leaks confidential documents out of context 2 create false headlines, pre-judge investigation,destroy integrity of process&strip rights;Abuse WILL cont til leaks/friv filers r held accntble&press reports accurately. Legal Fees Fund trustee's press conf yest set record straight w/facts/truth re:recent complaint;read transcript in case press chooses not to

Kim Chatman could sue $arah Palin for libel, no?

BTW, $arah forgot to provide the link to the transcript she wants people to read in case press chooses not to...


basheert said...

Maybe Kim is waiting for the pile of sh*t $arah is standing on to get even bigger.

C'mon Reggie, she's got this who gift-that-is-$P's-mouth thing going on. Why stop now?

Let her pile it onto Kim - in public - in writing. It's very possible that Kim sees this as an opportunity? It's not like anything will shut $P up.

If Kim doesn't react, it will just hype up MissManic even more. It might even just cause her to do something stupid - as usual.

$P must be noticed and listened to. Ignoring her is actually a provocation to $P.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ms. Chatman has bigger personal issues to deal with right now, and my condolences to her on her private loss. It is shameful she should have to deal at the same time with being publicly defamed by her state's governor.

The answer to your question: IMO Ms. Chatman, who apparently has stated that she did not "leak" that document, absolutely could and should sue for defamation if she falsley has been accused of "violation[s] of law." Sign me up among the attorneys who would gladly would provide free legal representation to her.

Remember it is libel per se falsely to accuse someone of violating the law, as Ms. Twitter, her mouthpiece, and her personal attorney all now publicly have done.

I would relish the discovery process.

basheert said...

Honey we ALL would RELISH the DISCOVERY process.

I agree with your thought about KimC. I had heard of her loss and agree that the $P stuff can be dealt with at a later time.

It also gives them more time to screw themselves into the ground with their big mouths. The one thing you can count on from the PalinBots is that they don't have any tact, diplomacy or even native intelligence. They just open their mouths and let fly.

Anonymous said...

Some random thoughts as we watch $arah spin in her downward spiral:

(I don't have Regina's treasure trove of graphics, so please picture the tornado (cyclone) which swept Dorothy, Toto, house and all up in the whirlpool--- upside down. Instead of Dorothy, it's $arah, swirling in a cloud of $$$$$$, not heading to OZ, but someplace darker).

Busy governor Palin would not have had time to hand write all of those polite notes. Either they were generated by a computer handwriting program, or several staff members who write in a similar way.

The important thing is that by using $arah's signature in sending thanks from her & Todd, they acknowledge that she is getting the money. It is very dicey for her.

The most important thing to bear in mind if she did not write those notes is that all of her adoring fans should know this. $arah doesn't love you, a secretary does.
Anyone who is brave enough to visit her websites and post something should let them know.

The fact that she and Todd thank them means that she and Todd receive some kind of benefit. In this case, having hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal bills paid for them. This is a matter for the IRS! The Palins are having someone pay their bills. No matter that people only contributed $150.each. The aggregate amount, hundreds of thousands of dollars relieved the Palins of this obligation, and they literally just "made" thousands and thousands of dollars.

Some time ago, procedure for a complaint to be filed with the IRS was batted around here. I think the conclusion was that it had to be filed by an Alaskan citizen. I would hope that someone who has all of the paper work, good hard facts and proof, would do so. The IRS will be much tougher with $arah than her own hand picked Personnel Board. (Whoever files will certainly earn the 10% reward that the IRS offers for tax cheats. It would pay for his/her time).

My theory of the Alaska Fund Trust Caper is this: Even though the investigation was supposed to have concluded July 14, I think that while it was in progress, say, around the beginning of July, a friend of $arah's on the inside let her know what was happening. This time it was too big for the personnel board to say, "Just pay it back." That was OK for travel expenses for the kids, but this is ten times as big, maybe bigger.

So, and mind you, this is just my wild guess, please do not threaten to sue anyone for just thinking out loud, this time $arah was told to resign and we'll keep the matter between us, or else you will have to pay it back. (We know which one $arah chose; $he kept the money).

She gave that resignation speech, and then some public spirited citizen who couldn't stand one more minute of Her Royal Highness getting away with financial murder spilled the beans. That's why $arah is so upset over the leak. They weren't supposed to, that was the deal.

But everyone has a tipping point, and between the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the big money deals that are being guessed at, the constant bragging and grandstanding, some good citizen in Alaska just snapped and told!
Thank you brave soul for finally letting us know what's what!

Oh, and if any one else in Alaska would like to send an anonymous message regarding facts and proof regarding the real birth story of Trig Palin, I bet that Regina would be more than happy to keep your identity secret in return for the truth.
(Sorry, Regina, but I bet that you would. Maybe it will work?)

Albert Lewis said...

ANONYMOUS said, "No matter that people only contributed $150.each," but the AP story says, "Palin's friends and supporters created the Alaska Fund Trust in April, limiting donations to $150 per person."

So contributors could have given $1 or $10, but no *more than $150, as I understand it.

Anonymous said...

Albert Lewis 21:07 As I understand it, the Governor of Alaska operates under some strict ethics guidelines. The Governor can receive incidental gifts, value no greater than $150. total. That is why The Fund told contributors that any contribution $1., $5., $10. would be welcome. But no one could donate more than $150. total.

However the total benefit to the Palins far exceeds that $150. gift limit. They are raking in hundreds of thousands of small contributions. That may fly under Alaska's radar, but the IRS is going to want to see them declare something to the tune of "Legal bill retired, value $500,000." and pay taxes on the benefit.

pacos_gal said...

There are a whole host of people that Ms. Chatman can sue if she is of a mind to related to this issue.

Another thing to keep in mind is that money does not have to go into Palin's bank account for her benefit from it. She is just as guilty if any monies have been paid out on her behalf, to lawyers on anyone else.
She cannot touch the money period.
Also, the AFT does not preclude multiple donation up to $13,000. There is a lawyer who has gone over the document (Trust filing papers)and while the advertised rate is 150. you can donate more, you just have to write a bunch of checks.

Anonymous said...

Big question?? Is that Fund subject to any kind of oversight? To whom are they accountable? Someone other than $arah's BFF Kristan should be looking over the books, and I would hope that information is also made public.John Coales, the guy who set up claims that a substantial amount of Palin's legal debt has been paid. Let's see the canceled checks!

basheert said...

According to the text of the Trust which Regina posted yesterday, the Fund has NO oversight and cannot even be inspected by a court.

Wonder what they're trying to hide?

Wonder if the IRS can access their records?

BTW: Head on over to the DIVA - she's got a bombshell post up and it's worth a read (she got some emails re: her Arctic Cat complaint and guess who her investigator was: DANIELS) - it is nice to see the DIVA out there still doing the right thing!!! GO Girl!

basheert said...

...And look what Mansour said - not even an allegation, just a simple statement that KimC is a criminal - talk about liabiity and libel and slander - in writing yet. No proof offered- just the "expert" of Mansour. Get a lawyer Kim....sue this stupid megamouth.

"R. A. Mansour said...

The leaker was Chatman. She is the one who was quoted in the D'Oro story. Daniel could be disbarred for leaking that document. Kristan Cole didn't have a copy of it. The only people with copies of it were the governor, Daniel, and Chatman. The Personnel Board certainly didn't leak it. Chatman did. She has broken confidentiality in the past and flaunted the fact that nothing will happen to her in doing so. Well, I hope they are exploring all legal options now. I think someone should finally throw the book at her."

sandra said...

I have tried to get a clarification by Mansour as to how she knows Chatman was responsible for the leak. She has no proof. She also has no proof that the PB didn't leak the report. This seems very irresponsible to me. You don't just accuse someone.

This whole thing will go away if the money is returned. We've already been told that the legal expenses have been paid.

basheert said...

The fact is, R.A.M. has libeled, slandered and defamed KimC in public on a chat board.

She has accused her of committing an illegal act and either does not have or won't provide proof/evidence that this charge is true.

KimC needs a lawyer. R.A.M. may think she is tough sh*t, but frankly, she's a stupid fool. Arrogance is not evidence - it is simply opening your mouth and spewing lies.

R.A.M. is lying about KimC in public.

She needs to be legally stopped.

KaJo said...

Sandra, did you notice this R.A. Mansour posting in the comments under the "leak" topic?

"R. A. Mansour said...Hey, I know. Maybe no one leaked the report. Rachel D'Oro broke into Daniel's office and stole it. July 23, 2009 5:24 PM"

That, after ranting for 4 hours that WITHOUT A DOUBT (or proof) KIM CHATMAN IS THE LEAK..

Does that comment look like R.A.M. is backing down, albeit without posting an update to her blog or an apology for being wrong?

It does to me.

basheert said...

Oh come now - like R.A.M. would ever think she's crossed a line.

It's there - in writing, in black and white, posted by R.A.M.

Kim Chatman IS THE LEAK.

Libel, slander and defamation of character. Accusation of criminal acts.

OOOPS - figured R.A.M. was stupid, just surprised she'd show it in writing.

sandra said...

Kajo: I also noticed that she put up a new thread. I have stayed away for a long time because there is no discussion, only deflection. Every day they seem to have a new enemy. So reminds me of "1984" with changing things.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter. She can deflect but she walked into it with that statement and Kim C deserves to have her name cleared.

They have many enemies, and they are all in their heads. This is the brain - on drugs.

regina said...


I followed your attempts at discussing some aspects of the Trust on Cee4Pee. It's a waste of time, they don't see anything outside their very narrow interpretation of events.


sandra said...

Thanks, Regina. Sometimes I just hope too much for a little intelligence to leak out.

basheert said...

Sandra: There is intelligence everywhere but probably not from individuals who spend their spare time peeing into a Sea.

(sorry couldn't resist)

A groupie is a groupie....a "follower", a "wannabee" .....

no nice way to put it...simply dumb and dumber.

Anonymous said...

Receiving gifts is not a taxable event to the recipient. I could personally send Sarah $1,000,000,000,000, and she wouldn't have to pay a penny. I, however, would have to send the IRS almost half that as gift tax. So receiving the $500,000 from a multitude of givers is not a taxable event to Sarah unless it can be proven that she was to provide some sort of service for the money (it didn't just come from the goodness of the donor's heart)or that it is theft income (it can be proved that it was all a big swindle, such as there were no legal fees that needed to be paid).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mansour sees the writing on the wall. As $arah's popularity takes a dive after Sunday, I think that Mansour sees her job sinking too. So, she is lashing out. The general thinking seems to be the Personnel Board leaked the information because this time it was too big to give $arah a pass. And, since $arah wasn't co-operating, money was being taken out of fund that was supposed to be frozen-- I think that the stuff finally hit the fan.

So, watch for Ms.Mansour to get increasingly derailed, because if $arah doesn't run for public office, there goes the PAC, and there goes the spokesperson. If $arah follows her star seeking celebrity and fame (Fox Tv??), they will provide the PR agent, and once again, Ms.Mansour will be back editing, writing, what did she do before she worked for $arah?

Here's an idea for her: as soon as $arah takes her $tar turn on TV or her book tour, Mansour can start the fan club website. T-shirts, autographed pictures, mugs, DVD's, the store is open and needs a manager.

Daisydem said...

Oh contraire Anonymous. I believe that one does have to pay a "gift tax" on monies received. I know you have to disclose gifts to the IRS (and especially if in public office); it is considered income. That is why there is a cap on how much monies received/given by the IRS without having to declare and pay taxes. In this case, although a single donation is small (and the giver may not have to declare this), all the donations are going to a single account with one beneficiary - SP - she must report it and pay taxes on it. The same as with winnings from a lottery, game show, etc. Money must be reported and taxes paid. An IRS audit is so needed!

Anonymous said...

Since there has been alot of discussion about Kristan Cole, the trustee for the Alaska Fund Trust, I tried to Google her name for more information. She heads a real estate company, serves on boards and commissions, and is described as a grammar school friend of Sarah Palin. BFF. Best Friends Forever.

When Palin announced her resignation, it was Ms. Cole who spoke to the TV on Palin's behalf. And, as the sole trustee of the Fund, she gets to decide where the unspent money goes after all the legal bills are paid.

The only other comment that I could find on line was that Cole's mother had been charged with embezzlement. Eventually, I found an article which described Kristan's mother's case:

In short, Cheryl Moseley (also spelled Mosely) King was charged with fraud, breach of trust, forgery in connection with real estate companies that she worked for in Canada and the US. It took one month to resolve the issue and King pleaded guilty to one count of illegally accessing trust funds. Due to ill health, she served her time in community service.

What is interesting is that Kristan appears to have bought her mother's real estate company long before, when the mother first moved to Canada. There also appear to be two other people with the surname Moseley working at Cole's successful real estate agency:
Kaye-Leigh Moseley and Sheila Moseley. Kristan's husband Brad is also part of the agency.

If you still want to know more about Kristan Cole, she figures prominently in the Matanuska Maid Dairy which was taken over by the State of Alaska. She was put in charge by her friend, the governor. (The popular quote is that she liked cows). She ran up even bigger losses than when it was under previous management. I believe that Regina wrote a long piece about it early on.

Kristan remains interesting because she is managing a fund that isn't supposed to be accessed. And, she is the sole person in charge of distributing the proceeds of the Fund once its need (to pay Palin's legal bills) no longer exists. Hundred$ of Thou$and$ of rea$on$ to keep our eye on Kri$tan.

(Any Alaska readers are welcome to weigh in; the Coles seem to be rich, powerful, socially prominent in their community).

get real said...

Frankly, Palin keeps surrounding herself with trailer-trash professionals who are very lame in their respective fields. It is no wonder why they keep messing up.

Excellent leaders hire the best and brightest to help them lead. Palin does the opposite and the results speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

RAMVO should lawyer up! They're gonna need to.

Anonymous said...

Someone on Immoral Minority, Sarah tweets her ignorance of breaking news on blogs, recalled a Kristan Tanner and looked up her first husband Don Tanner. She had at least two children by this man. Her judgment is poor. She is another "Christian" type of Wasilla. Kristan Sapp Tanner Cole.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Looking at the multiple arrests of crooked politicians in NJ gives hope that maybe someday there will be a similar round-up in Wasilla.

Jackie said...

DaisyDem - sorry but Anon is right - it is the giver that pays the gift tax - not the receiver. However - the receiver in this case is the trust, not Sarah - I'm not certain cuz I haven't looked up the IRS tax code but I think that when money goes out of the trust to it's beneficiary ($P)it should be taxable to her then.

Valley Resident said...


Anchorage Daily News (AK)
February 6, 1991
Daily News Reporter

The wife of the top state official in charge of screening nominees for state boards and commissions was named Tuesday to a slot on the state Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund Board.

Kristan Tanner, a real estate broker, Republican Party activist and former beauty queen, is married to Don Tanner, Gov. Walter Hickel's director of boards and commissions.

It's Don Tanner's job to solicit nominees, collect resumes and make the early cuts in people vying for positions on state boards and commissions. The appointments are made by Hickel.

Neither of the Tanners returned telephone calls Tuesday. Hickel Deputy Press Secretary Ed Wicher said the administration expected questions about the appointment, but he said Don Tanner did not use his influence to get his wife appointed.

(Sure he didn't!)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

So, Kristan Cole, formerly Tanner, is just another fancy pageant walker?

Good find, Valley Resident. Gives a pretty clear picture of how these people got these positions in Valley politics.

Anonymous said...

Any distributions related to the principal in the trust (the original gifts) would not be taxable to the beneficiary. Any distributions related to income earned by the funds in the trust would be taxable. So if $500,000 was placed in the trust, it then earned $50,000, and the full $550,000 was distributed, only $50,000 would be considered taxable income to the beneficiary. If the $50,000 is not distributed, then the trust pays the income tax.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a rumor on Politico comments this week that today we'd find out that money in the AFT trust was gone? Or something like that?

Patrick said...

I have organised the examples of Sarah's handwriting and other documents regarding Sarah's "thank you notes" in a slide-show on my flickr, easy to watch: