Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Open thread. Taking a break

Dear friends,

We're off to England tomorrow morning to finalize the sale of our boat. I'll take the laptop with me, but will have to blog from an internet cafe.

I had planned to write some posts with the usual fancy graphics and lots of research and publish them one at a time, but the weather has been too nice and we've been doing other things, like having fun!

Here's a photo of what tight abs look like. Have fun discussing it. (H/T to Dianne)

I hope to comment on any interesting stuff that comes up, but I expect the posts will be brief. If push comes to shove, I'll pluck some posts from the archives and give some juicy stories a bit of an airing!

Things should go back to normal on July 14. (Bastille Day!)


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Have a nice break, Regina! And did I ever howl with laughter when I saw WHOM it was on that video box! (A tip o' the sodden sweatband to Dianne for providing that photo.) If Denise-Freakin'-Austin doesn't have abs so steely as to conceal a late-term pregnancy, who does? Hee hee hee.

CC from far away said...

Exactly, MrsTBB ... if not her certainly not GINO!!

Have a wonderful holiday, Regina!


Anonymous said...

In a press release Palin had said the ethics complaints had cost the state millions.

Looks more like $300,000 total with Troopergate's portion costing about $200,000. We all know that the records requests are not done on the state's dime...

Lisabeth said...

Have a great time Regina. We will miss you.

And yep of couse Sarah lied about the amount. She is a pathological liar.

Dianne said...

Have a mahhhhhvelous trip and thanks for the h/t.

All the best,

MES said...

I have a question--is SP really a runner? Has anyone spotted her on the road or trail up there? You'd think there'd be a candid photo somewhere by now, but I don't recall seeing any, and her interview to Runners World seemed to contain elements designed to pre-empt questions about whether or not she is the dedicated runner she says she is (I run alone, no one recognizes me without makeup, I plow through throngs of tourists incognito, etc). Any Alaskans can verify her habit?

GinaM said...

Opps...check out this pro-palin site mistake:

And then look at the below picture from Runner's World and realize that this woman is 44 with four children -

Anonymous said...
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ordinaryperson100 said...

Hi all, I have a little bit of news on the Obama/monkey SarahPAC video that was taken down...there is a site where some people saved screenshots of the original video here:

The woman who created it is named, I kid you not, Laura Van Wormer, and is an author, and a loud and proud SArah supporter and apparently casual racist…here is her profile…

Anonymous said...

Anyone who supports Palin is a racist, IMO. Why didn't Palin publicly condemn this horrible peace of fawning propaganda? She'll spout off about a Letterman joke but not the racist propaganda of her supporters? What kind of leader is that?What kind of Christian is that?

Heck, what kind of runner is that?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Reg, have a wonderful Vacation we will miss you!
MES...I have asked this question over and over and no-one has ever answered it? The fact that she was running and fell at JM Ranch would suggest she is not a "runner" like she says?
IMO she takes drugs to be skinny, And doesn't eat,notice you never see her eating? Just talking about mooseburgers? Adderal, that would enhance her word salad, that all I see from her.
That little no-one recognizes me without my makeup means, she doesn't run. Lets face it, she doesn't do anything unless there's a photo op attached.
liar and faker.
Oh and I don't know when this photo op of RW was taken but I'm sure it was enhanced, but did anyone notice her braless state for the troops? Maybe wearing a bra hurts after implant sx? She was flat as a board during the campaign and now super skinny with boobs? Maybe bible boobs talked her into getting implants? MIA in Texas doncha know!

Anonymous said...

@Crystal Wolf: I think Sarah's falling down at John McCain's ranch was a real Freudian Slip. When they tried preparing her for the VP debate, she was doing badly, so they went off to the McCain Ranch to really practice and concentrate I think this is where reality hit all of her self delusions and for just an instant she fell on her face, both literally and figuratively. The wonderful thing about Sarah is that in the next moment she can go into a perfect state of denial, even inventing the brave story that she shrugged off stitches, "I'll just wash it off," and "This will be out secret, OK." Except it was never secret; there were all kinds of news reports that Sarah had fallen during her run. What they failed to report was how many times Sarah "fell" meaning "messed up" during the campaign. Now, with the release of some campaign emails courtesy of CBS, we're getting an interesting picture of Sarah's mis-steps, mistakes and mis-statements. I know that she's trying to fool us. The question is: is she really fooling herself or does she really believe all of the stuff that she says?

Dianne said...

Copied from a comment on the Guardian UK. Makes me wax nostalgic:

Katie Couric :

"Why isnt it better, governor Palin, to spend $700b helping middle class families who are struggling with healthcare, housing, gas and groceries, allow them to spend more and put more money into the economy instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess ?

Palin's "answer" :

Thats why I say, I, like every American Im speaking with, were ill about this position that we have been put in, where it is the taxpayers looking to bail out, but ultimately what the bail-out does is help out those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy, erm, helping the, oh its gotta be all about job creation too, shoring up our economy and putting it back on the right track so health care reform and reducing taxes and reigning in spending has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans and trade, we have got to see trade as opportunity, not as, er, er competitive erm, scary thing but one in five jobs being created, er in the trade sector today we, we, weve got to look at that as more opportunity, all those things under the umbrella of job creation, this bail-out is a part of that."


midnightcajun said...

The way Sarah lies, I'm beginning to believe she didn't hurt her hand in a fall while running. It was probably something embarrassing and they released the running lie to reinforce her outdoorsy girl image.

She evidently did run as a teenager, and she ran in that marathon in 2005 and turned in a good time. That doesn't mean she's still running. I don't see a lot of muscle definition in those legs. I'm with those who think she's popping pills to stay skinny. She was never this skinny before. In fact, in her swimsuit promenade at the pageant, she far from thin. (And if she doesn't like us speculating about her body, she shouldn't keep flaunting it!)

And she obviously doesn't do yoga. That is NOT a yoga pose she is doing in that pink top shot, since tree pose requires the hands to be together in prayer position. She's faking that, so could easily be faking the rest of it. Why don't we see a photo of a sweaty Sarah actually RUNNING rather than just posing?


Sarah is expecting again?

The tidbit from Gawker explains alot.

Have a lovely respite, Regina.

Check out b-p-p.

jo said...

Just how many spokespersons does Palin need? What about that hiring freeze? Let me try to name all the spokespersons:

1st & Now Meg Stapleton personal spokesperson.

2nd Rosanne Hughes - moved to newly created job of director of external communications.

3rd Bill McAllister moved to newly created job Special Assistant at AG office. Texas4Plain said he was kicked sideways. I wonder why she asked him to leave?

4th David Murrow, but he is mute, so he needs a press secretary too.

Every time you read a story about Palin it quotes her spokesperson Sharon Leighow.

On the Alaska Trust Fund, how convenient that the limit to tithe is $150 and the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics act says that anything over $150 must be disclosed within 30 days of receiving it. There is no accounting of the money, no reporting, she is free to use it however she wants. She has no shame asking for money when she has millions in investments, they make about $265,000 a year, and she is getting millions for a book deal. Just to bad it's not going to an actual good cause, there are so many people in true need. It's sad really.

So much to comment on in the last couple of days, the e-mail about the AIP that showed the McCain staff that she is a lair. I'm sure we know only a small amount of her evil deeds, wait until people can talk freely.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a funny little rundown on the thwarted Obama-Is-A-Big-Ape 5th of July celebratory Palin video and its creator: