Tuesday, 21 July 2009

$he's back with a vengeance!

Our $arah is back, via Quitterberry. Seven rapid fire twits, then one linking to a press release, followed by another four twits, making it a total of twelve twits in four hours.

The first eight are the interesting ones:

In violation of Ethics Act more allegations were filed today by serial complainer;gave to press be4 we could respond;ridiculous, wasteful...

Some ask why not sue abusers of Ethics Act bc state wastes 1000's hrs/millions of tax dollars to fight (and win!) frivolous charges, tho....

it costs political critics NOTHING to file/play their wasteful game;They should debate policy in political arena,not hide w/process abuse...

BUT if there was a suit to end public waste of time/funds to constantly address false allegations I could see perhaps a veteran filing it...

someone who's put their life on the line protecting even opponents' right to speak & protest, was willing to die for freedom of press but...

knows it's shameful 4 valuable time& public resources to be diverted frm needed causes to deal w/this abuse of govt accountability system...

Hopefully these political critics filing this stuff (& some in press perpetuating it) appreciate the freedom to do so, protected by our vets

Re more frivolous ethics allegations today; shame good law is being abused for politicking. See http://tinyurl.com/mrtwcv

The press release:

FOR RELEASE: JULY 20, 2009 Another Ethics Complaint Filed Against the Governor July 20, 2009, Anchorage, Alaska – Once again, an ethics complaint has been filed and publicly released in violation of state law. This is the sixth complaint filed by Ms. McLeod. In addition, she has filed a lawsuit against the Governor's office and multiple public records act requests. All of her prior complaints that have been ruled on have been dismissed. The Ethics Act serves important state interests in ensuring ethical state government and was intended to prevent the various forms of corrupt misconduct that had plagued the Legislature in prior years and which resulted in the prosecution of legislators and others. It is unfortunate that the law has been abused and trivialized in the current manner.

Today’s complaint, filed just six days before the Governor leaves office, alleges that Governor Palin violated the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act by failing to submit complete gift disclosure forms in a timely manner, and obtained “free” services. The apparent primary goal of this complaint has been achieved, namely, an effort to keep the complainant’s name in the paper. We anticipate another dismissal of this complaint as with the complainant’s other complaints. This is the fourth ethics complaint filed against the Governor since the announcement of her resignation on July 3. In every case, the complainers violated the confidentiality provision of the Ethics Act in making their complaints public knowledge.
THOMAS VAN FLEIN—Personal Attorney for Governor Palin

Message to Mr Van Flein:

Confidentiality doesn't apply to complaints about the Executive Branch, only to the Legislative Branch. Perhaps you should read the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act that you quoted?

Back to $arah: she said in a previous twit, about 24 hours ago:

Avoid time spent tearing down, whining, complaining

Who's tearing down, whining and complaining?

$arah Palin and Andree McLeod:

Between 2002 and 2005, Sarah was a great fan of Andree, a republican political watchdog. Some snippets of e-mails Sarah sent to Andree during that period: "That was a great letter to the ed. this week Andree. I haven't had time to call but wanted to tell you it was, again, insightful & educational & good writing."; "Ugh! I know you must get so frustrated because you’re all about accountability! Thanks for working to instill public trust in all this Andree!"; " I'm proud to know you!!!". There were many more, all very friendly. In 2008 Andree requested copies of e-mails from the Governor's private e-mail accounts used for state communications to clarify some ethics issues. Sarah Palin now: "This is the same Andree McLeod that follows us around at public events and camps herself out in our waiting area and hounds us for a job..." referring to Andree as the "falafel lady".


Anonymous said...

Track is fighting for her freedom to quit and twit... and nobody will will pry the "berry" from her cold dead hand.

Sarah please keep twitting away and continue to show us what an idiot you are.

Anonymous said...

Palin's manic tweets are evidence of her need for mental health intervention.

Anonymous said...

Could be she's about to go "Britney" on us.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Way of Peace posted this on TT. Vanity Fair edits Sarah's resignation speech. This is funny!


Anonymous said...

$arah uses the troops as political tools to showcase her patriotism. The problem is that whether or not the US has troops in Afghanistan and Iraq has nothing to do with protecting our freedoms here in the US. We can have a long debate as to whether or not we should even be in Iraq-- they did not attack us, and they posed no actual threat to us, either. But, she constantly praises brave warriors for defending our freedoms when they have a different mission.

Patrick said...

The unavoidable has happened: Jessica Steele, Sarah Palin's hairdresser, has been caught lying.

She would have been better sticking to hairdressing than to pick a fight against the New York Times.

On her Twitter, she raged in numerous tweets about the "fact" that the New York Times lied - she claimed to have never said anything about Palin's "thinning hair".


The NYT responded and said that they did nothing wrong - the statement from the NYT:

"Kim Severson, the reporter who interviewed Jessica Steele at some length in her salon for the article, received an e-mail from her early on July 13 saying, 'Thank you so much for the article!! It was perfect!'

"In several later conversations, she confirmed that view. Therefore, we believe our reporting is accurate."


This didn't satisfy Jessica - she continued her tweeting rage and tweeted:

"I have repeatedly asked Kim for the supposed "email" she spoke of she will not send a copy because it doesn't exist there is no such email."
11 minutes ago from Tweetie

"I wouldn't have used the word "perfect" I say fabulous!"
10 minutes ago

But unfortuntately, somebody from the NY Times must have sent her the email - because she deleted the tweets today!

So it was all a lie. Anybody surprised?

Jessica Steele should have realised that as a No 1 rule - "you DO NOT make profit with a Palin" (they want all the profit for themselves - ask Levi). And as a No 2 rule, you don't talk about the private life of a Palin.

Here is the screenshot from conservatives4palin where they mentioned the tweets that Jessica deleted afterwards....


...and here is a PDF-copy of the whole page:


Because I certainly won't take long until this is deleted, too.

Here is the original link to conservatives4palin:


Anonymous said...

When SP becomes ex-GINO, will she have to return to AK both her blackberries Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb? One can hope...

Pillowbelly said...

Her twittering is lunacy - not even 1/2 thoughts that make any sense.
I'd rather follow Levi Johnston's twittering. Quick, someone tell him to open a Twitter account because it would get so many followers, everyone wants to know how the Tripp/Trig/Bristol/Levi family troubles will be resolved.

basheert said...

She in a manic phase in her illness. Or she's off her meds.


Batshit crazy

Anonymous said...

Someone please enlarge this photo of Palin and examine her back teeth.

They don't appear to match the pearly whites of her front teeth, but most importantly, on my screen she appears to have amalgam fillings which could mean she is possibly mercury toxic. Might explain her bizarre behavior.

Patrick said...

OK, the story with Sarah's hairdresser goes on....

To recap:

After Jessica Steele thought it would be a good idea to become a hairdressing celebrity via NY Times etc. by hitching herself to Sarah Palin's stardom (and violating "Omertà" during the execution of her brilliant plan), the "family" apparently hit back:

Several days after the publication of the NYT article, Jessica Steele suddenly unleashed a burst of twitter-messages, accusing the NYT of lying...

...culminating in her claim that she never had sent messages to the NYT after the publication, saying that the article was "perfect"...

...which turned out to be a bold-faced lie - apparently Jessica Steele felt that she, being Sarah Palin's hairdresser, could get away with the lies just like the Queen/Godmother of Alaska herself...



And now the new twist in the story:

a) Jessica Steele made her chatty twitter-page private


b) Jessica Steele now even deleted the website of her salon, which she had refurbished into a fanatic pro-Palin website, selling pro-Palin t-shirts etc!!



These were the last messages from Jessica Steele's twitter - however, minus the two messages she had deleted regarding the emails from the NYT (I didn't made a screenshot of these two messages - but I saw them and later made a screenshot of the transcript which appeared in C4P):




I am not posting these screenshots because I am interested in the chatter of a hairdresser from Alaska - but because the Palinites, obviously caused by a complaint from the Palin's themself, have created another lie (about the NYT being "dishonest"), which is now spreading all around the pro-Palin sites.

This story is actually very telling: If you happen to mess with Sarah Palin or, even worse, try to make profit or become famous with her, you can easily be in trouble...

basheert said...

I will take exception to this last statement. It is not possible to get "in trouble" with a feather-headed insane "icon".

It might be bad if your own personal BFF Britney Spears went psycho on you and quit talking to you, but this is a HAIRDRESSER for God's sake. She is quite certainly NOT $P's BFF (altho she might think loyalty would buy her some good publicity and possibly more business).

People hitch themselves to celebrities (even serial killers have them!) The celebrities, especially the CRAZY ones simply consider these poor sick, twisted little feeble minded blood sucking followers as part of the game and will use anyone to get what they want).

$P has a bunch of groupies, just like ParisH, Britney Spears and the Jonas Brothers. NO ONE CARES.

This hairdresser went over the line and lied about $P - who knows why - and she got caught.


basheert said...

God, please ... how many days before QuitterTwitter LEAVES?

And did anyone check to make sure they didn't steal the chandeliers in the Mansion?