Saturday, 4 July 2009

Bad timing, Sarah Palin!

A friend from France rang this morning with the news of Sarah Palin's resignation.

My friend doesn't read my blog and is not in the least interested in Sarah Palin, but she knew I would like to know about it. Her description of the announcement: "Sarah Palin is making a simpering speech about what's best for Alaska."

Trust the governor (ex) to do something spectacular the minute I turn my back! Had I known that taking a break would precipitate events, I would have done it sooner...

Seriously, though, I'm unable to blog as usual, so from my point of view, her timing stinks. I read all the Alaskan blogs, most of the others, watched the video, saw it on BBC and I'm still stunned! I'm on my third internet coupon and will have to purchase another one...

Of course I don't believe for a minute that she's passing the ball or any of the other BS. Something big is looming and she will be less embarrassed if she's not in office when it happens. We'll be watching developments between now and the 26th, hoping that whatever it is, it will hit the fan before then.

Congratulations to all Alaskans, it's a happy, happy day!


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Hi Reg!
Well she seemed to time it well, KO, is on vacation and RM too...Although I don't think this was planned...!
Blogs are saying FEDS have been snooping Spendards building supply for a few month now! Wow! All our writing to CREW was not in vain. And the blogs either.
Have a nice vacation Reg.

Dianne said...

Happy day, happy, happy, happy!!! WooHoo!!!!!! Fireworks all over the place! Hopefully, crystalwolf, the FBI are all over Wasilla and all over Sarah. It's much deserved.

Reg - Hope you're having a lovely visit!

Helen said...


I'm cracking open the virtual champagne all over the place and calling it PalINDEPENDANCE day...drink up love~ savor the moment with me ; )

Helen said...

Here's a toast to us - commentors, bloggers, media,graphics guys and gals and all of us pesky pajama proud types who are so very pleased today ::clink clink::

Plenty of i-champagne and e-cocktails to go around!!

CC from far away said...

It is a happy day indeed!!!

Glad this happened now so you can truly enjoy your little (palin-free) holiday ...

Thanks, once again, Regina ... for all you do!!!

Upshur said...

Regina... thank you for all you have done to help get rid of Sarah.

Many blogs are pointing to housegate as the reason for her quitting. Some are saying a federal indictment is in the works.

It would be nice to see her lose her book deal, lose her opportunity to make millions in speaking engagements and most of all, lose her prospect of holding any more political offices.

Sarah in jail will be my wish come true.

Patrick said...

Regina, this was indeed the worst possible timing! But your job is not done yet: All those "gates" will now be revealed to the public one after another, and we should all make sure that nobody will be left in doubt about what a crazy and evil liar Sarah Palin has been. The right-wingers have suffered a massive defeat, and they deserve everything what is now coming at them.

We will now mark the 3rd July in our calendar and will open a bottle of Champagne every year on this day. :::---)))

Can't wait to see what comes next...

But I am sure it will be very, very big!

midnightcajun said...

At least your blog is here while you're on holiday, cataloguing all her sins and failings. Thanks for all you've done.

I suspect this drama will be playing out for some time to come. Whatever is headed Sarah's way must be huge, given her self-confidence, capacity for self-deception, and conviction she can lie her way out of anything. Whatever it is, she thinks she can better weather it out of office. Perhaps she is of the mistaken belief that Ken Boy can pardon her? (not in a federal offense, honey)

The P-Nuts read this as a brilliant move to enable St. Sarah to work for all Americans and run for POTUS. Only, this was no happy day for Sarah. If she had been chirpily announcing her run for president (which she did not explicitly do), she'd have called a huge press conference at a time calculated to get the most attention, whereas what she did was the exact opposite. She'd have been perky and nauseatingly Sarah at her most insufferable. Instead, she announces her press conference without enough time for the networks to get their satellite trucks in there, and she does it at the beginning of a dead weekend.

The way I read all that shallow breathing, clenched jawed anger is that Sarah is, as she said, not retreating, but trying to run around what she's convinced is only a temporary roadblock. She's pissed about it, but she thinks she'll come out on top and when she does, she'll be back. God help us.

Anonymous said...

This gives a little extra spark to the 4th now doesn't it? Thank you Regina for your work on this blog. I agree with those that say we all must continue to keep an eye on SP. If nothing catastrophic breaks in the near future - although be the tension and anger in her voice yesterday I'm convinced something big and bad is on her tail - she may think she can regroup and enjoy all the glam of her fame for a few years and avoid all difficult interviews or any accountability and then run for POTUS. Remember how everyone thought Tricky Dick was finished and he managed to come back later - same with Reagan who was completely on the outs with the GOP and a few years later managed to get elected.

patstevens said...

Regina, thank you very much for your incredibly well-researched and on-the-money blog on the "real" Sarah Palin. It was key in keeping up the momentum to expose her. One thought: maybe Palin resigned yesterday because she knew you were on vacation!

SoCalWolfGal said...

Regina enjoy the rest of your holiday. There will be plenty to do when you are back. The Iconic One is not fading into the woodwork, that much is sure. Happy Fourth of July to all. Let's just enjoy this moment for a few days. I am sure much, much more will be revealed in the near future. Personally, I hope the Feds are on her tail. She won't be able to dismiss them as she has managed to do with her usual "it's not my fault, everybody is being mean to me". Whining just isn't going to work anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeedy.....I think now the press will go back over ALL of your "gates" to see what the real stories are. She did mention the dairy that she took out of government and turned it to the private sector. And she is proud of how she did that? Legislative Audit is still investigating all of the "irregularities."

I think her speech was one of defiance. She seemed very angry and kept sayinhg "We will...." Who is we? Her church friends? Her and Todd?

It's a good day for Alaska! I want to thank you and ALL of the pajama clad bloggers for keeping her feet to the fire to expose what she is really up to.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember where I read it (I've been looking at everything this morning) but one on-line guess is that it's Housegate. Since people reading that blog wouldn't be familiar with the scandal, it referenced two outstanding sources which summed up everything perfectly: Brad's Blog and Palingates!

My husband is the biggest skeptic when it comes to believing Palin's Deception and Palin's gates, but I offered him one arguement, the windows in the Sports Complex match the windows in the Palin Home. And, they are industrial large windows that would be used in commercial rather than residential property. The winning point was the quote that Todd offered about building his house on weekends with the help of unnamed buddies. A couple of guys couldn't lift those windows by themselves, and Todd had no previous building experience.

This made sense to my husband, and he is sure that they can match the building supply company's records with what actually went into the Sports Complex and what might have gone into nearby residential property.In such an investigation, the Palin's would be required to show the check for the windows, the siding, the railings and so on. There is even more trouble if what they paid turns out to be more than they earned and they can't account for the money.

So, thanks for the good summary, Regina! If that turns out to be one of the factors "hounding Sarah from office," think about running it again to acquaint new readers with an old problem. Andrew Halcro said it best when he examined the basketball analogy. "She's not passing the ball, she's taking herself out of the game." Bye Bye!

Patrick said...

Now when it’s all over – here is an interesting detail from Sarah Palin’s political history:

This is the original draft of Sarah Palin’s campaign leaflet when she ran for major of Wasilla – written by Sarah herself. It’s genuine, but I cannot remember exactly where I got it from.

Any handwriting experts here? ;-)


Anonymous said...


That draft is written on the back side of some document with a lot of numbers on it... any idea what it is? Anyone have the capability to pull it out better and read it backwards?

espresso4me said...

Many thanks to you Regina for this valuable and wonderful 'gated community' you have created. Enjoy your time away--and Cheers to you with a virtual clink of the champaign glasses!!

Wow! What a buh-bye speech by Palin. Rapid speech, ever the victim, always the maverick yadayada. Drug-enhanced? Fear-induced? Running on pure adrenaline? Not a pretty site.

Getting ready for the inevitable train wreck that will crash one or more gates wide open for all to see; except, of course, for the rabid, diehard cult members of her faithful fan.

The Wily Wizard of Wasilla will be left with only her red shoes for support-- and the nightmares of what she has done when she is formally charged with…?? So many gates from which to choose, but the time is upon her now. The Truth will prevail.

“Free at last. Thank God we are free…”

!!!Happy Independence Day!!!

wv procces

BuffaloGal said...

Not sure if this is simply rumor mill in high gear but when you google, "palin" and "spenard" , boy o boy are there alot of news sites and blogs talking about a possible HouseGate.

Regina, I think there's a good chance your site's going to be a bit busier by next week. What a time to be away!

Hope everyone's having a fabulous day!

Helen said...

There ya go Midnight Cajun making me LOL again with the "P-Nuts" - that's a new one...I'm enjoying my e-buzz.

lisabeth said...

A MUST OPEN image for all of you!!

Palin Sanford 2012

sandra said...

Patrick: I am no handwriting expert, but I have enjoyed seeing how SP thinks by observing her notes. The first thing that stands out is her huge signature. That is the message - SARAH PALIN.

The second thing is that she is using a small piece of paper for an outline. I would bet that most people make outlines on legal size or similar. When you are thinking small it is difficult to edit or move things around.

The third thing is that ideas seem disconnected. A scribble here, one there, etc.

This probably the kind of note that she uses for her speeches. She leaves it up to her brain of the moment to fill in the words. This can lead to mispeaking and then having to cover up to validate the first remark.

Thank you for sharing the illuminating note.

Patrick said...


Another new batshitcrazy statement by Sarah Palin, blaming "politics of personal destruction"

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Imaginary press release..."New flash..Palin admits that her lakeside home was built by her kids with monies from a lemonade stand, so she couldnt possibly have been involved. We have all of the reciepts, but since we had a secret contract with the kids and todds buddies, , we cant divulge them....."

basheert said...

According to Phil Munger, SP's lawyer plans to sue HuffPo, and pretty much everyone including Shannyn for stating as FACT that the IRS may be investigating the Palin's for some type of tax fraud or embezzlement.

Yeah good luck with that. Sounds like some sue happy lawyer trying to make a buck.

Defending a LOSER like Sarah Palin is not healthy to the bank balance.

She looked awful and sounded her usual crazy, unhinged and incoherent.

Getting investigated by the Feds can wreck that happy Holiday.

I'll bet the C4Pers offer to pay her legal bills....and if she did do what people think, the bills will be astronomical.

And...LEVI says he is now shopping a tell all book....

Good luck Levi!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's some great info from Think Progress...good luck with that lawsuit you f*ing idiot!!!

Patrick said...

Now where Mr van Flein tries to bully and intimidate the critics of Sarah Palin, I think it was the right thing to do to leave the following message on crazies4palin (who are so excited about all these future lawsuits, they are wetting their pants right now):

Mr van Flein - Sarah is not the biological mother of Trig! Wanna sue me? Bring it on!!!

onejrkitty said...

If the "Feds" are investigating housegate, it better be the IRS because Yahoo front page article states calls made to Anchorage FBI reveal there is NO investigation by FBI re: Palin.

I seriously think that whoever is investigating Palin is NOT GOING TO TELEGRAPH THEIR PUNCH and that means they are not going to tell media and that includes bloggers.

That does not mean that information has not leaked, BUT you do NOT "brag" about what you are going to do to someone. You just do it !

While attorneys have some of the biggest egos on the planet, the good ones do NOT let their ego govern their investigative research nor their desire to publicize what they are doing.

Attorneys get their "glory" in court, and their egos are big enough that they do NOT risk damaging that big ego by risking making themselves look stupid when things don't go as planned!

IF publicity is to their cases benefit, they will utilize the media. Otherwise they keep their own counsel until they file court papers and watch what they say until they not only have a "smoking gun" but "aerial photos showing Humpty was pushed and did not fall off the wall."

Palin has done much wrong. I sure as hell hope someone is investigating her and I think likely they are. BUT the public will not learn of it until papers are filed in court.

IF there is no "indictment early next week" then those claiming there was going to be just make anti-Palin bloggers and comment writers look like we are shooting blanks.

Patience. Palin's day is coming. Narcissist are very self destructive.

Citizen of Snark City said...

Anonymous said...

Huffpo has reported the FBI says there is no investigation into SP.

OF course they have no opinion on whether she is batsh*t crazy.

Let her sue. Big deal. I'll sue her ham sandwich. She's the one who stuck her face out there, again and again and again. Can't control how people think, what they believe or what we say.

Freedom of speech and all that pesky stuff.

basheert said...

Since EX Governor SPalin is threatening to sue the internet through Twitter, I thought you guys would be interested in this little fact:

a lot of states have SLAPP legislation, which means if a court finds you’ve filed a nonmeritorious lawsuit designed to chill free speech, you have to pay the other party’s attorney’s fees. And given that Sarah Palin is a public figure, she must meet an especially high standard for defamation–one that speculation (i.e., “WTF?”) is not going to meet.

basheert said...

Since she says she has quit for a "higher calling" I can only assume she is now a candidate for god.

Patrick said...

There is one topic that Sarah Palin would never touch in court:


I know it's becoming boring, but I say it again: Bristol Palin is the mother of Trig, and anybody else who makes that claim will have impunity - because it is TRUE. I am not "obsessed" with babygate, and I do think that Sarah Palin has more skeletons in the closet, but I still think that babygate is the only issue that can effectively bring Sarah Palin down in the sense that even a large part of her "base" will turn away and disown her - because that was one lie too much.

Sarah Palin's allegation that she is the mother of Trig, who in an act of heroism on Sarah's part was not aborted, is the main reason of her popularity among the wingnuts, and she plays the "Trig card" at every given opportunity. Something smells very fishy here.

My partner Kathleen had written in a blog already on 19th June:

"Sarah took on David Letterman and to all intents and purposes, she won. He apologised. Twice. So what chance do two Alaskan citizens have against the might of Sarah Palin if she decides to use the substantial sums that have been raised through public donations to harass them? What frivolous complaints will her army of lawyers dream up in order to curtail her most persistent critics? Watch this space - Hideous Sarah is about to reveal her true face." Sarah

Palin now tries to threaten and discredit the Alaskan bloggers. She apparently hopes that they will now become more careful with their allegations. We already know that the MSM has done a terrible job so far covering Sarah's scandals. But there is still hope, as reporters from the NY Times and the Washington Post are now on the ground in Alaska, as van Flein admitted to the ADN.

Babygate is the scandal that has to be revealed. Sarah cannot threaten anybody in this respect. Everybody should be aware the babygate is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

After listening to her resignation speech again, it's so obvious that this woman did NOT want to step down. In her voice, I heard fear, anger and resentment. This is not someone who is just redirecting her focus. Baloney. Can't wait to hear more...

teal said...

those NOTES were written on the back of a budget, as I recall she was attending a meeting, and instead of listening, she was lost in dream land, designing her future run...

can't find the link (yet), but wil post it once i re-discover it...

basheert said...

Hi Teal - good to hear from you.

Jim said...

On C4P, "Videmus Omnia" has just "outed" himself and writes now under his real name (Tim Lindell).

He encourages the readers to "vet" him and admits that he received some speeding tickets in the past.

However, that's not everything.

I posted this message already twice on C4P, and both times it got deleted by them very quickly.

I posted it a third time now, and it certainly will be deleted very quickly, too.

I believe that it's important that the world knows a little bit more about Tim Lindell.


Hi Tim,

good to see some courage here!

But wait a moment:

Wasn't the reason for your anonymity the fact that at least until very, very recently you were an active duty soldier - and that your activity on this blog was a direct violation of military regulations?

There was some PDF document floating around which seemed to contain very precise you will certainly remember, because one of the Alaskan bloggers back then took a stand and defended your anonymity when she received the PDF document and alerted you to it....yes, this blogger who herself was working for the US military for many years, who is handicapped and who has been smeared here at C4P over and over again...

Well done, Tim! You are an outstanding officer, I salute you!

Anonymous said...

Syrin has posted an extremely interesting comment on Shannyn Moore's blog:

"There are several more RUMORS going around.

Such as: Palin was found guilty of abuse and misconduct for wrong doing with her ‘Legal Defense Fund” (WHY DOES SOMEONE ETHICAL NEED A LEGAL DEFENSE FUND?) millons of dollars are said to be un accounted for RUMORED embezzlement- Sarah Pac sponsored?… She was given an ultimatum (I think this is highly improper, possibly unlawful) by her appointed 3 member personnal board that she, if continues to be the Gov the TRUTH of the matter would have to come out and the whole mess and paper trail would have to be released to the public. However, it’s RUMORED if she RESIGNS she was told by that appointed 3 member board that determines ETHICAL matters in the State of Alaska that she can essentially TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a RUMOR"

basheert said...

Jim, VidO can stuff himself back into his little SarahHole ok?
He has from day 1, used his military status as a club against others. He has ridiculed and minimized other individuals service.
He is rude, snarky, nasty and a troll. I don't care if he rode into Baghdad on a white horse. He's a horses ass.
I have known and respected many military servicemen and none of them spew the tripe he lets fly to attack other people.
Worse, he uses military service as a club and is judgmental to others who have also served.
He has no more class than Sarah and obviously no more intelligence.

I do not honor his service - any more than he honored that of my family. He finds it convenient to scream "I served in the military" as an excuse for his filthy remarks.

I apologize if I've offended anyone but being in the service does not give you a license to be a hairy ape and ridicule others.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean Lindell is guilty of treason?

Floyd M. Orr said...

I just added a poll to my blog as to the actual reasons she resigned. Ya'll come vote!


anon 06 July 2009 01:46

That is interesting about the "Legal Defense Fund" rumor. Kristan Cole?

When I posted links and info about Diarygate on a blog I was warned about BLOW-POP-PALIN being shut down, something about it being spam. I could never make e-mail contact or get answers for what was going on. I put the article that may have been a problem for someone @ BLOW-POP-PALIN4. Eventually, the warnings stopped and I could get easy access again to BLOW-POP-PALIN.

I think someone possibly flagged BLOW-POP-PALIN after the article about dairygate. Since that was when the warnings and problems happened.

Here is the article that was moved from BLOW-POP-PALIN to BLOW-POP-PALIN4
Creamery Case, Kristan Cole and Sarah Palin
Monday, June 22, 2009
There is also a June 23, 2009 update plus: creamery dairygate
Here is creamery dairygate from BLOW-POP-PALIN as it is now.

I thought I should run that by you all since reading Syrin's "rumor."

basheert said...

Lindell guilty of treason? "They" are never guilty of treason - "they" accuse us of treason because we don't bow down to their false prophets (metaphorically speaking).

VidOm is a jerk, even if he is active duty. Just proof that the military has lowered their standards.

I hope he gets discovered and held responsible for his reprehensible actions. If he's dumb enough to have given her money, that's his problem.

Anonymous said...

Remember housegate, dairygate, relgiongate all very strong possibilities for violations she could be in trouble for.

Jim said...

Everything you always wanted to know about Videmus Omnia aka Tim Lindell from C4P – who “outed” himself today out of solidarity with his hero Sarah Palin (download PDF):

SuckItUpButtercupAK said...

Sorry Jim, I seriously want to know NOTHING about this creep.

Citizen of Snark City said...

@SuckItUp, moi non plus.

SuckItUpButtercupAK said...

It's official, according to her lawyer, Mr. Van Flea via TPM, she's doing it for self-sacrifice:

you may all take a drink now.

basheert said...

oooooooo this is good tooo!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL - yes, and the Sea4Pee'ers have their logic twisted up in knots over how this harikari move is sheer brilliance :)

SuckItUpButtercupAK said...

Hi Bree: Them?

What is really sick and twisted, is that she doesn't actually give a da*n about any of them.

Her life is all about her. And money.

She's a failure, and the Peeing in the Sea people are going to lose a ton of money on this woman.

Basheert posting as: SuckItUpButtercupAK

SuckItUpButtercupAK said...

Hi Bree: Them?

What is really sick and twisted, is that she doesn't actually give a da*n about any of them.

Her life is all about her. And money.

She's a failure, and the Peeing in the Sea people are going to lose a ton of money on this woman.

Basheert posting as: SuckItUpButtercupAK

Anonymous said...

SuckItUpButtercupAK - (love that btw)

So true, it is hilarious and tragic at the same time with those people - and a bunch were at first really shocked and shaken and saddened but now they've convinced themselves and each other that not only is this a good thing but it's really the best thing ever! So they will be pouring more of their $ into her coffers for her to fritter. What a nightmare. It will be way too late before they ever wake up.

First they were comparing her to Reagan, now they are comparing her to deGaulle!


Syrin posted about the Zane Henning ethic complaint: For Immediate Release: charging that Palin has given herself a raise for personal gain.

Another interesting comment: "While I appreciate Mr. Hennings efforts, I believe this is his second attempt regarding the per diems, and the Personnel Board dismissed the previous complaint (and will likely do same with this one). I DO have higher expectations for Kim Chatman's complaint about the so-called AK Fund Trust (which has nothing to do with AK, but is for use by the Palin's, their family and friends). Today in a TV interview, Kristen Cole, the Trustee, let it slip that the Trust was for Palin's "personal use," no longer even saying it was for legal fees. Kim's complaint was filed in April, and was NOT dismissed yet as "frivilous." I would like to believe that Palin is no longer a threat (since she will be out of office in 3 weeks unless she changes her mind). But, after reading the "Theopalinism" blog, I fear she may rile up her base toward the goal of a Theocracy rule in America." by writeidea

I don't want to leave Levi out, he'll be on Inside Edition

I've heard Sarah will be on Fox. sarah v levi ?

Reg, you are missed but sure glad you are having a well deserved break.

Anonymous said...

You people are really out there somewhere where there must be a lack of oxygen going to your brain. I believe the real reason she quit was not to incur any more legal fees because if now she owes in excess of $500,000 by the time 2010 would come around it would be easy in the millions. She also could not be very effective if her staff spends the whole time copying emails and looking into the frivolous ethics complaints. But, let's say that you are right and it "all about money", she is now in a very enviable (for you guys) since now she will be able to make millions without worrying about about any more ethics complaints.

Since the FBI has stated that SHE IS NOT under investigation, something that they would not normally say, but even they are probably sickened by the way that Gov. Palin has been treated by stupid people that for some reason decided after she came back from campaigning as VP nominee that she had to be destroyed and maligned. For the person that mentioned the IRS, I am sure that when she got the VP nomination she was checked by the IRS from here to next year. So that is also moot. Please find another hobby, she will not be governor after the end of the month and you have over two weeks now to find someone else to malign.

Anonymous said...

anony @ 5:05

Refresh your history. Politicians and celebrities have been bashed and trashed through out history, far worse then Palin. She is a wimp if that is why she is a quitter. Speak for yourself, not everyone thinks the number one reason she freaked out was to grub more money. She left it all open for speculation. Money grubbing is just one possibility. Outside of her cult of true believers and a few uninformed who are impressed with her, no one believes anything she says. Unless it has been triple verified, you know, "trust but verify."

One FBI guy in Anchorage doesn't know about every investigation in the United States. It is Sarah atty that wants you to focus on FBI, that should tell you something. Along with the admission that it is not normal for the FBI to do what one guy did. BushCo was running the DOJ when she got the VP nomination, as they do, they may have buried things for her or McCain. It will be years before we learn more. Didn't Agnew pass the IRS test for a candidate? I doubt the IRS had looked back 16 years when Palin ran for VP.

Palin is a celebrity and many believe a crook who needs to be locked up. She is asking for more scruntiny by the way she quit. Don't read things if it is too upsetting, you can go to the Sarah is god sites.

The Latest Palin Ethics Complaint

Anonymous said...

No body cared about this.
Now they do.
Sarah brought it on.

Anonymous said...

anony @ 5:05

Politicians have funds to pay off legal bills. The near impossible reason she is a quitter would be the 'she quit to not incur any more legal fees.' Her foolish atty cost her a fortune working Independence wk end and with that moot letter where he threatened everyone with the bogus sue happy strategy. I think he already had to back peddle. He is so dumb and costs the suckers that fund her a fortune. She did not quit to save on legal fees. If anything her legal expenses will be growing by leaps and bounds.

She is going to shut down her desire for 2012? Even if she knows she has no chance to run for any office, what are the odds she would announce that and tell the truth?

This is a woman who has always been a quitter. Why would she change now? Too bad those people that send her money don't get a class action suit against her. They are believers in her Jim Jones type persona.