Saturday, 25 June 2011

An actual documentary about Sarah Palin is screening for buyers next week

Here's a little snippet from Nick Broomfield's documentary about Sarah Palin.

The film is screening for buyers next week in Los Angeles and might even get a premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

It's funny to watch Sarah Palin admit how she feels without her BlackBerries.

John Bitney was a key aide in Sarah Palin's 2006 gubernatorial campaign. She had known him since high school. When she took office, she gave Mr. Bitney a job as her legislative director, and a few months later stood beside him at a news conference and praised his work. Seven weeks later she fired Bitney for what her spokeswoman described as "poor job performance." What really happened? Governor Palin got a call from another old friend, Scott Richter, informing her that his wife, Debbie Richter, and John Bitney were having an affair. Scott and Sarah's husband Todd are great friends. In her book "Going Rogue," Sarah Palin gave this description of Bitney: "He turned out to be a BlackBerry games addict who couldn't seem to keep his lunch off his tie."

What goes round comes round and John Bitney will win this BlackBerry game. It looks like Sarah Palin doesn't seem able to keep her lunch off her clothes either!

Many people have reported Sarah's addiction to her BlackBerry, including Piper, during the filming of Sarah Palin's Alaska:

Piper tells an interviewer behind the camera, "My mom is super-busy. She is addicted to the BlackBerry. She's like, 'Hang on, Piper; I'll be there in a second.' When she doesn't have cell phone service, she doesn't have to answer email and all that stuff."

We may have to wait until September to watch Broomfield's documentary and the reviewers will be busy comparing it to another "documentary" about Sarah Palin, The Undefeated, by Stephen K Bannon.

Nick Broomfield

Of course, Nick Broomfield's documentary is not all about BlackBerries, and the rest of the film should be very enlightening indeed. Broomfield is a very accomplished film maker. Wikipedia lists several awards:

British Academy Award (BAFTA)
Prix Italia
The Dupont Columbia Award for Outstanding Journalism
The Peabody
The Royal Television Society Award
First Prize, Sundance Film Festival
John Grierson Award
Robert Flaherty Award
The Hague Peace Prize
The Chris Award
The Blue Ribbon
The California State Bar Award
First Prize, Chicago Film Festival
First Prize, US Film Festival
First Prize, Festival of Mannheim
First Prize, Festival di Popoli
Special Jury Award, Melbourne Film Festival
Broomfield was also given a BAFTA tribute evening on March 8, 2005.

Stephen K Bannon

Stephen K Bannon doesn't have a Wikipedia entry and the IMDb page doesn't offer any references to any award winning films.

Bannon has been giving interviews and has invited Sarah Palin to the premiere:

When a documentary about Alaska Republican Sarah Palin premiere in Iowa next week, it will help Iowans understand her humble history and what it took to rise into leadership, the filmmaker said today.

“I believe it sets the record straight that she clearly deserves to be at the table when you talk about leaders of the country,” said Stephen Bannon, the writer, director and producer. “Her record (as governor) is far greater than Governor Romney or Governor Pawlenty.

The two presidential candidates — one ran Massachusetts for four years and one led Minnesota for eight years — didn’t set a high bar, Bannon said in a telephone interview.

“The Undefeated” will play at the Pella Opera House in Pella at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Bannon said.

“It’s a very complex film and it was a very complicated shoot, but the hardest thing I had to do was pick a place for the premier,” said Bannon, who scouted over 100 locations and found many tempting.

Bannon invited Palin, who was Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain’s running mate in 2008 and has been flirting with jumping into the 2012 presidential race, but she has not yet RSVP’ed, he said.

The fact that Sarah Palin quit seems to have escaped Bannon. "Running" Alaska for half a term sets the bar really high...

Anyway, Sarah won't be able to attend, she's on jury duty, isn't she?

The comparisons between the two films should be quite interesting. One is a serious documentary, the other is pure propaganda...