Monday, 13 June 2011

Sarah Palin's mom on wildlife management - "Hi Mom!"

Readers who have followed the shenanigans of the Board of Game in Alaska will be familiar with the name Corey Rossi.

Corey Rossi

He was appointed director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation by Sean Parnell in 2010, something that caused major discomfort among nearly 40 retired state biologists.

Before that, he had been appointed to the Board of Game by Sarah Palin, in a newly created position: "Assistant Commissioner of Abundance Management."

Just recently Palin overtly politicized the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) by creating a brand new "leadership" position and filling that position with family friend Corey Rossi who has for the past year been a Board member and spokesman for a radical new hunting organization whose only work so far has been to try to kill as many animals as they can that may have blood-stained pointy teeth.

Going back a bit further, we find a Corey Rossi ardent supporter very close to home: Sally Heath.

Prior to Rossi's appointment, somebody raised concerns about his ethics:

The guy's concerns fell on deaf ears and the appointment went ahead:

Palin's most controversial legacy, perhaps, stems from her appointment of Denby Lloyd as commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in 2006. Lloyd proceeded to name a friend of Palin's family, Corey Rossi, as the "assistant commissioner for abundance management" (a newly created job) in December 2008 and then promoted Rossi to run the Division of Wildlife Conservation (one of the highest positions within Fish and Game) in March 2010. Before joining the Fish and Game Department, Rossi spent 20 years killing predators for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, including stints as a contractor and ultimately as a manager of that agency's lethal effort in Alaska. Rossi lacks a college degree, but says he's learned on the job and taken some relevant college courses. He also used to make money as a hunting guide and had ties to Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. He listed Palin's parents as the top references on his résumé and says he actually employed them for about 15 years; Palin reportedly pushed for his recruitment to the state's wildlife management effort.

The amazing CEO of Alaska had a lot of imput not only from the First Dude, but from mom as well. Vendettas, favours and cronyism were the hallmarks of Sarah Palin's administration.

Sarah Palin actually forwarded her mom's e-mail to her colleagues and sounded like a little girl:

I read somewhere that the palinbots believe the e-mails prove that Sarah Palin never approved wolf aerial hunting. Well, she tried, but didn't get away with it:


It makes a lot of sense that Sarah Palin appointed Corey Rossi, he's a nasty piece of work.

No wonder the Heaths were keen to support Corey Rossi. Have a look at Chuck Heath's garage:

And our little Sarah, CEO extraordinaire, did as she was told...

Sarah Palin in 2010, campaigning for  Rick Perry

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