Sunday, 5 June 2011

Special open thread - The storm

Well my friends, my poor old computer is now completely dead, gone, kaput.

What my friend Hilary didn't relay to Trigmund Freud in full was the worst part of it: My connection to the internet is kaput as well. The new laptop arrived yesterday (via Hilary), but before I could transfer all my photos, including "The Tongue" folder, there was an almighty clap of thunder right above my head, which killed the old PC, my modem, the phone and our satellite dish.

I'm at our local bar, Cafe de Paris, where our good friend Regis kindly let me use their connection.

It may be a while before things go back to normal. Here in rural France, the shops are shut on Mondays, so I can't go to the SFR shop to pick up a new box to re-establish my connection to the internet until Tuesday. C'est la vie...

As I don't have any photos saved on this computer, I'll borrow one from a link Sleuth sent me.

Screenshot via Politicususa
Thanks, Sleuth and Sarah Jones.