Friday, 3 June 2011

History professor Sarah Palin and the art of grifting - UPDATE

Martin Bashir has Grifter Palin's number and definitely knows how incredibly patriotic she is...

An article on the Washington Post confirms that Sarah Pac is indeed a nice trick to grift money from her supporters:

SarahPAC is set up as an unconnected PAC, meaning that the usual restrictions on candidate committees don’t apply. Regular candidate committees, for example, are barred from converting campaign money to personal use.

As a result, unless Palin decides to formally explore a possible presidential run, she is free to spend the money raised by SarahPAC for “any lawful purpose” under federal law, experts said. That means it doesn’t matter whether the trip is a holiday, a political event or something in between.

“Not only can she use SarahPAC for a family vacation, she could use it for her home mortgage payments or anything else she wants,” said Paul S. Ryan, associate legal counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, an advocacy group focused on election laws

But the regular citizen who doesn't need a title wants people to believe it's all about educating Americans, using other people's money, what else?

"Governor" Palin launches campaign to "educate" Americans

So far, history professor Palin has described George Washington as a hardworking farmer and commercial fishpicker, distorted everything about Ellis Island and the "Statute" of  Liberty and managed to rewrite Paul Revere's (dare I say it?) wild ride.

Sarah Palin will use anything and everything to keep all that nice money coming in: The flag, her own version of American history and her family...


A former Republican from Baltimore is not pleased with Sarah Palin's One Nation Tour:

It's clever to wrap oneself in the American flag and ride with bikers. It takes even more cleverness to rake in a fortune from Fox News and get treated like the Queen of England here in America. Ms. Palin is shrewd, calculated and knows how to manipulate the media. She also knows how to skirt the campaign finance laws.

However, what Sarah Palin "gets right" is her understanding of American stupidity. We have become a nation of celebrity worshipers who crave a "bread and circuses" existence. It might occur to this (wink-wink) non-candidate that there are real issues and serious decisions out there.

Sarah Palin's "magical, mystery tour" is an insult to folks like me who actually care about our nation. Furthermore, I'm disgusted by her pseudo-patriotism and embarrassing lack of intelligent rhetoric.

Rosalind Ellis, Baltimore

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