Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sarah Palin, your daughter needs a mother - UPDATE - Video

Piper Palin is making the headlines.

Sarah Palin keeps telling the media and the bloggers to leave her children alone. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did we make Piper a state official so we could see her everywhere around various functions all over Alaska? Did we keep Piper away from school so she could display her cuteness during the 2008 campaign? Did we take her out of school again to sell some books a year later? Did we take her to Rick Perry's campaign so Piper could stand next to Ted Nugent? Did we make Piper go on some phony waitressing stunt for a narcissistic reality show? Did we tell her she was going on a family vacation and then proceeded to subject her to a media scrum every step of the way?

We didn't drag Piper to a hair salon to have her hair streaked, we didn't paint her nails and didn't apply any make-up to this ten-year-old girl's face. We didn't buy her inappropriate sunglasses, we didn't take her to a funeral wearing jeans and a tee-shirt.

We didn't sexualize Piper by suggesting that a nextdoor neighbour was a perverted peeping-tom whose intent was to spy through her bedroom window.

We didn't manhandle Piper for a staged apology to reporters.

Sarah Palin did all these things and any damage to this child was inflicted by her own mother, not by any member of the media or any blogger.

Google "Piper Palin"

Try again for pictures

There's something wrong when a ten-year-old (who's not a Disney star) produces so many search results.

Well, Sarah Palin, it's not about your daughter. It's about you and your mothering skills. It's about how you use your children for your own gain, how you use them as shields.

You're the one exploiting them, Sarah Palin. We only write about them because you disgust us as a mother.

You're not protecting them, Mama Grizzly.

A person who has so little regard for her own children's health, safety, sanity and general wellbeing cannot pretend to have any regard for the people of America, real or not.

Here's a Piper Palin pictorial, in no particular order.

UPDATE (H/T to Guest)