Thursday, 9 June 2011

Did Sarah Palin know Margaret Thatcher is pro-abortion?

Sarah Palin admires Margaret Thatcher sooo much.

Did she know this?

Margaret Thatcher, unlike some American conservatives, did not demand any religious commitment from her political allies. One of her leading spokesmen - and a hardline rightwinger - Norman Tebbitt was a professed atheist. Thatcher also, throughout her parliamentry career, voted in favour of liberal abortion laws, and appointed a number of [closeted] gay men to her Cabinet [one - Lord Avon, son of Harold Macmillan, was an early victim of AIDS], and her government initiated and extensive safer sex campaign.

It's on Conservapedia as well:

Oh boy, in her career as a politician and as Prime Minister, Thatcher didn't bother with religion very much, was pro-choice, ok with gays and didn't buy into abstinence teachings, preferring to promote safe sex instead.

That puts the Iron Lady, Sarah's political heroine, on the same footing as president Obama regarding abortion.

Sarah Palin described Obama as "the most pro-abortion president to occupy the White House" at a Dallas event, which was sponsored by a nonprofit organization that promotes an anti-abortion message. Sarah Palin also said the federal health care law is the "mother of all unfunded mandates" and means federal funding will go toward abortions.

She reiterated her attacks at a Susan B Anthony event:

Perhaps Sarah Palin could use Margaret Thatcher's disregard for every single precious life as an excuse to bail out on the much anticipated visit to the old lady.

Baroness Thatcher will be so disappointed...

(H/T to femme7)