Friday, 3 June 2011

Sarah Palin's new, very dangerous wild ride

Accidents do happen in real life

Considering that the Palin clan seems to be allergic to seat belts, this sounds terribly dangerous for her family and for innocent people on the roads:

Journalists in the caravan trailing her One Nation tour bus describe the experience as harrowing, a rolling menace careening up the East Coast in hot pursuit of the former Alaska governor who declined to provide any advance itinerary of her tour over six days on the road.

As they left the clambake she attended Thursday in New Hampshire, Palin’s two-SUV caravan did 52 miles per hour in a 35 zone as it peeled away from the hosts’ neighborhood. Both cars blew through a stop sign about a mile later. They did 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-95 — and then, after they got off, without signaling, flew right past a flashing sign informing them they were going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone.

On Tuesday, the bus nearly hit a biker turning off of Pine Street in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, after a police escort led the bus through a closed, section of the Lincoln Tunnel, the bus ran at least two red lights racing up Sixth Avenue and through Columbus Circle in Midtown Manhattan.

On Thursday, the story was much the same. Palin’s two SUVs — used for minor events and tight spaces — braved the tiny, winding streets of Boston’s North End. And when the bus joined them, the trailing car in the entourage ran two red lights after the bus barely made it through the yellow, as did the media caravan, leaving behind a traffic jam for the locals.

The reporters who are speeding, tailgating, cutting off other cars, blasting through roundabouts and passing on the right in an effort to keep up, say they have no other choice since they never know what Palin’s up to or where she’s headed — and aides typically won’t tell them anything.

Sarah Palin cares so much for Americans that she will put their lives at risk, starting with her own family. This irresponsible, callous, narcissistic woman thinks she's qualified to be president. She thinks that playing high speed games with the media is cute.

The media following her are just as irresponsible.

Have the traffic cops joined the media in giving her a pass?

You're not funny, Sarah Palin

If anything happens, she'll blame the media. The media will blame Sarah Palin. If her daughter or parents get killed in an accident, she'll play the victim. This is a very stupid game.

The East Coast leg of her wild ride has come to an end, but the reckless cat-and-mouse games will probably  resume when she takes her circus to the Midwest and then to the West Coast.

How many more deaths are going to be attributed to Sarah Palin before somebody stops her?