Monday, 13 June 2011

Sarah Palin, God and Trig - Again

I found Sarah Palin's letter from God about Trig in the e-mail database. She sent it to herself on April 7, 2008. It's slightly different from the version that appeared in Going Rogue. In the e-mail version, we find out that it was God who made her appear not pregnant so she could hide it and made her pregnancy remarkably short so people wouldn't have to wait too long.

It seems she sent it out to her staff as an attachment shortly after Trig's first appearance. Tom Irwin was particularly moved by it.

Sarah Palin received several e-mails from church leaders and from parents of children with Down syndrome.

The church people praised her decision to go ahead with the pregnancy and the parents offered encouragement. I wonder how they feel now, considering that Sarah Palin has done absolutley nothing for the special needs community, apart from spouting the same old tired platitudes in her very well paid speeches.

A couple of the e-mails contradict the palinbot "proof" that Sarah is obviously the mother of Trig because of her age.

Some parents had hopes of having an ally and an advocate in a position of power. What a disappointment...

What I found most interesting was God's explanation for the short pregnancy. I wonder if she edited it for Going Rogue because by the time it was published the Trig Truthers already had a good picture of her "pregnancy" and would focus on that passage for the BS content.

Yeah, right!

[If anybody would like to read all the e-mails about it, search Friends of Trig Paxson Van Palin  on the Crivella West database, without inverted commas.]