Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Emmy Awards for Sarah Palin's Alaska? Too ridiculous for words!

I have to leave you with an overnight post. This is just too ridiculous...

From Alaska Dispatch:

According to the Los Angeles Times' "Awards Tracker" blog, the TLC network has nominated its television-reality series "Sarah Palin's Alaska" for consideration in four Emmy Awards categories: cinematography, picture editing, music composition and best reality program. Before the show can be called an official "Emmy nominee," however, a first round of voting by academy members must be completed to choose from all the initial entries. The awards gala will be held in September, and the nominees should be chosen sometime in July.

These people must be joking. Sarah Palin's Alaska was an excruciatingly bad reality show. If they had focused on the beauty of Alaska instead of Sarah Palin's attempts at doing anything and everything, had left out her ungracious mocking of various people (including a neighbour and Michelle Obama), if it had not been narrated by that screechy voice, if her classless family had not been part of it, well, if it had been a completely different show, perhaps they could have had an honest shot at an award for cinematography. Alaska lends itself to some very dramatic and breathtaking shots.

Sarah Palin's show was in very bad taste, dishonest, and ultimately boring. Alaska was insulted in this stupid series, as was our intelligence.

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