Sunday, 26 June 2011

Will Sarah Palin go to the heartland to watch the propaganda film with fellow Americans?

Will she, won't she? Stephen K Bannon's fantasy epic The Undefeated will open in the small town of Pella on Tuesday and Sarah Palin is supposed to attend, unless that jury duty thingie gets in the way.

In accepting the invitation to attend the premiere, Sarah Palin stated, “We are very excited to visit historic Pella and its opera house and look forward to seeing the finished film for the first time with fellow Americans from the heartland.”

Pella is a very pretty place, much nicer than Wasilla. The opera house looks very nice.

If the premiere had been scheduled to take place in Wasilla, I suppose it would have to be at the Valley Cinema, as Wasilla doesn't have an opera house...

An alternative venue would be the Curtis Menard Sports Center, an old favourite for Sarah Palin events.

Wasilla could have been a pretty place, but a certain mayor thought it was a good idea to transform it into a soulless strip mall.

Alas, pretty or not, Wasilla is nowhere near the heartland. It has its fair share of "Real Americans," but doesn't carry much weight in deciding the future of presidential candidates.

What a pity. If Wasilla had been considered as a venue, Sarah wouldn't run the risk of having to embark on another wild ride back to Alaska to fulfill her civic duty...