Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sarah Palin goes to the movies

I watched some footage of Sarah Palin in Pella and she wiped her nose with her finger twice, once outside and in the following video she did it again, after she entered the opera house. I don't know what was bothering her about her nose, but on the second video she seemed to lose the plot and went on a loop, repeating stuff word for word, like a broken record. She was incredibly animated, gesticulating a lot. Perhaps she drank too much coffee.

It must have been very hot in Pella, Sarah was sweating buckets, although other people around her seemed to be cool enough. Her choice of clothes was a bit odd for the world premiere of a fantasy film about herself. Did she lose her luggage again?

There's a blonde woman in a purple outfit who appears to be with the Palin party. She looks remarkably like Kristan Cole, of Dairygate fame.

At this point I can't tell if she's teasing so she can continue to access the palinbots' wallets or if she has decided to run. Something escaped from the fishing boat via Bristol and seems to indicate a run, or it's just some more more teasing. It's impossible to tell, this is Sarah Palin...

The critics didn't like The Undefeated...

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