Saturday, 4 June 2011

Trig to Sarah Palin: "Who are you?"

Sarah Palin arrived in Arizona to regroup before she hits the trail again. She needs a break from her family vacation. [So does Piper.]

The family vacation didn't have many members of the family enjoying it. One by one, they seemed to disappear, until there were only Piper, Sally and Chuck left.

Trig is only three years old and doesn't seem to fit in Sarah Palin's present schedule. I'm not saying she should continue to parade him up and down the country, but he was conspicuous by his absence from the family vacation visiting historic sites on the East Coast. It wasn't so much Trig's physical absence that was strange, but there wasn't a single mention of his existence, not a word about him.

Was he in Alaska, being cared for by another member of the family because the One Nation schedule would have been too punishing for him? Perhaps he was in Arizona and the first thing Sarah Palin did upon her arrival was put her arms around him for some perspective, so the rest of the things in the periphery would just go away?

I don't think Trig has set eyes on Sarah Palin in a long time. He's probably tucked away somewhere in Alaska, hopefully receiving all the things he needs from somebody compassionate enough.

"Wild Ride" transcript:

...but just absolutely perfect in our eyes and we’re just very, very, very blessed and, um it’s, it's a perfect situation for us when we first heard it was, ya know, kind of confusing and, and at first blush hearing the news it was you know, I… it was received by me for a couple of hours there after hearing the news as, uh, very, very challenging… even sad… that day but just knowing that there’s purpose in every situation… there’s certainly good purpose in every child. Just knowing that, um, we should feel blessed that, uh God would choose us...

Sarah Palin is fond of saying that every child has a purpose. I'm beginning to suspect that Trig has served his purpose and is no longer a very useful, manageable, cute prop.

Considering recent events, I think Piper has blown that gig as well and the older children don't seem to help Sarah's image very much...

What's a Mama Grizzly without her cubs, eh?