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Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin interview on Oprah - UPDATE 4: LEVI JOHNSTON: "I STILL DON'T THINK SHE'S GONNA WAIT 'TIL SHE IS MARRIED"!

We recommend that Sarah Palin should practice the following expressions -
they look sooooo presidential!
(if she can still move her facial muscles...)

nellie-oleson 4 pic


However, this is my personal favorite so far:

babyjane - Charles Pierce


Oprah 2009 Sarah & Bristol
Actual screenshot from Oprah's interview
with Sarah Palin and the "born again virgin" Bristol tonight

Sarah Palin Oprah hairstyle
Sarah's hairstylist is ... (fill in the blank)

Oprah just published the details about Bristol's and Sarah's interview with her which will be shown tonight on TV. It is basically a re-hash of the failed "In Touch" cover story. Bristol Palin surely has her new talking points soundly rehearsed by now. She is now officially a "born again virgin" and will never touch a man again before marriage. How impressive! Saint Bristol in action!

I almost regret that I never posted details about Bristol's colorful love-life before the birth of ... ehhh ...TRIG which we received long ago. I never published any details because that seemed to be inappropriate. However, one thing I will say, it's hard to recognize Bristol again. She doesn't seem to be a candidate for abstinence judging on her eventful past.

Here is the report about the interview as just posted on Oprah's website:

Sarah Palin has lived her life in the public eye. She's been governor of Alaska, a vice presidential candidate and a best-selling author. Now, Sarah's taking the leap from newsmaker to news commentator in her new role as a Fox News analyst.

It's a full-circle moment for Sarah, who majored in journalism and once worked as a local sports anchor. "I think my parents are kind of pleased too," she says. "I'm putting that college degree to work."

After the 2008 presidential race, Sarah criticized some of the ways she and the campaign were portrayed in the media. Now on the other side of the desk, Sarah wants to get back to basics. "When I studied journalism, we learned all about the who, what, when, where and why of reporting. Just stating the facts," she says. "I'll engage in that, kind of ratcheting back down to the simplicity of what journalism should be about: just the basics and letting the people decide what their opinion will be."

After the announcement, media outlets questioned whether Sarah would abandon any future presidential bids—or use the role to gear up for campaigns to come.

"I'm not closing any door that maybe I find open in the future. And, thankfully, the Fox Network has allowed me to keep that door open," she says. "Maybe [politics] is in my future, but in the meantime [I] just really look forward to being a part of the news cycle again."

During the presidential race, Sarah wasn't the only Palin making headlines. Then 17-year-old Bristol Palin made news when her pregnancy became public.

Now 19, Bristol is the proud mom of 1-year-old Tripp. Though she loves being a mom, she admits it's not easy to care for a child and work at the same time. "The lack of sleep definitely surprised me," she says. "A typical day starts at 4, 4:30."

Being a mom, Bristol says, makes her respect her own mother more. In a recent interview, she spoke about crying as she tried to rock her screaming baby to sleep. "I have this big supportive family and stuff, but I just felt so alone," she says. "[It] felt just like a breaking point where reality sunk in that, yeah, I have a kid. This is my life. This is my full-time job now."

Though she admits there are days she wishes she was at college with her friends, Bristol says she doesn't want another life. "I have a beautiful baby boy, and he's awesome," she says.

Bristol says she hopes other young girls will learn from her story and wait to have sex until marriage. Bristol says she will not have sex again until she has a husband. "I just think it's a goal to have, and I think other young women should have that goal."

Sarah admits she was shocked when she first learned of Bristol's pregnancy but says she couldn't be prouder of the mom her daughter has become. "I wish that we had had more candid talks about having unprotected sex, about having sex before marriage," she says. "She's handled this so well, though. She's very strong, quite independent. And she has taken full responsibility for her actions. She's raising Tripp just splendidly, and we couldn't be prouder."



Here is the first video!

In addition, I have collected some tweets which were twittered during the last 30 minutes:

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Oprah couldn't help but point out Sarah's "Gone With The Wind" hairstyle as well:



Levi Johnston weighs in - and calls it as he sees it.

Gawker reports:

Because Sarah and Bristol Palin are sharing their mass delusion about abstinence on Oprah, Levi couldn't let this opportunity go to waste to get in front of the camera himself. He's on The Insider tonight, and he's talkin' trash.

He's shares his old gem that he's working on a tell all book that shares everything about the Palin family. We'll believe that when we see it. Anyway, he says he doesn't mind paying more for child support, but he wants to see his son more and have Sarah Palin stop interfering in his life. As for what Bristol has to say to Oprah, Levi shares, "[Bristol] answered like two questions. She couldn't answer questions without Sarah butting in and adding her own two cents."

He also makes a very good point about her claims that it is difficult to raise their child alone, "She's talking about how hard it is... if she wanted help she would let me in there." Nice one, Levi. The music is on Sarah and Bristol, time to dance.



Brad Bessey, co-executive producer of "Entertainment Tonight" spills some inside information on his twitter.

Levi is NOT CONVINCED that Bristol will be able to keep her vow of abstinence -he said about Bristol: "I still don't think that she's gonna wait 'til she's married"!

Brad Bessey Twitter 2

Brad Bessey Twitter 1

I wonder why? Isn't Bristol a good Christian girl? I would be sooooooo disappointed if that happened and could never believe in ANYTHING again...


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