Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Jessica Steele (Beehive) emulates her idol Sarah Palin and finally quits Twitter

Jessica Steele (username "Jessica Beehive"), Sarah Palin's "celebrity hairdresser" from Wasilla (one celebrity customer is apparently enough these days for claiming to be famous) has finally deleted her twitter account.

However, we saved a number of very fascinating screenshots for viewing on flickr in which Jessica Steele presented herself in the past on Team Sarah and on her twitter.

On Team Sarah (click to enlarge):

Two notable episodes happened on Jessica Steele's twitter which have been preserved for eternity:

First, Jessica Steele lied on twitter about her interview with the New York Times. She deleted her tweets in which she lied a few days after they were debunked by the New York Times. Fortunately, I was still able to grab the screenshots.

Friends worried that she appeared anxious and underweight. Her hair had thinned to the point where she needed emergency help from her hairdresser and close friend, Jessica Steele.

“Honestly, I think all of it just broke her heart,” Ms. Steele said in an interview at her beauty parlor in Wasilla, the Beehive.

As our readers might remember, the story hit the headlines, because several days later Jessica Steele suddenly claimed that the story was reported incorrectly and said:

"It wasn't like I did an intervention,'' Jessica Steele, Palin's long time friend and hairdresser, told the Boston Globe in a phone interview from her Wasilla beauty parlor, the Beehive. "I think the combination of traveling and just being down there in the lower 48... We needed to get her back to shiny.''

In addition, Jessica Steele started her own manic private twitter campaign and shot out one tweet after the other in rapid succession directed against the New York Times, for example slamming the "NY Slimes"and "liberal, vile, disgusting creatures" (these two messages were orginally written by another Palinbot and then re-tweeted by Jessica Steele):

(click to enlarge)

Unfortunately for Jessica Steele, it turned out that she had absorbed the dark soul of Sarah Palin a bit too intensively and had lied in classic Palin-fashion because shortly afterwards, the truth emerged:

Kim Severson, the reporter who interviewed Jessica Steele at some length in her salon for the article, received an e-mail from her early on July 13 saying, 'Thank you so much for the article!! It was perfect!'

"In several later conversations, she confirmed that view. Therefore, we believe our reporting is accurate."

Even after the publication of these news, Jessica Steele continued to be in denial and tweeted unmoved:

"I wouldn't have used the word "perfect" I say fabulous"

...and in true imitation of Sarah Palin continued on twitter:

"I have repeatedly asked Kim for the supposed "email" she spoke of she will not send a copy because it doesn't exist there is no such email"

Which was of course a lie - somebody from the New York Times must have sent her the email - because she deleted the tweets shortly afterwards, before she then quickly made her page private and deleted even more tweets of her "twitter campaign" against the New York Times before her twitter page later continued to be public again.

Which makes matters even worse is that Jessica Steele accused the New York Times of false reporting and insulted them on twitter despite of the fact that the New York Times had given her massive, hardly deserved publicity in the past during the election campaign in 2008:

But then, Palinbots always have difficulties to recognize friend and foe, as Sarah herself demonstrated in "Going Rogue" in bold fashion. As a result, Sarah Palin now has more Republican enemies in Alaska than probably any other Republican politician in history - this assertion is based on first-hand knowledge on my part.

As it was to be expected, C4P published Jessica Steele's false version of the story and didn't correct it after the lie was exposed. Palinbots never admit any wrong doing - rule No 1 for every Palinbot (because otherwise they would be out of business very quickly).

Being a true Palinbot, Jessica didn’t learn from her mistake and a few days ago openly supported on her twitter the call to harass the judges in the Bristol Palin vs. Levi Johnston custody case, because the judges didn't approve Bristol's request for closed proceedings and allowed the custody proceedings to be public.

Maybe Jessica Steele will now give the matter some thought and will come to the conclusion that hairdressers should not get involved in extreme right-wing politics. Although the fact that she deleted her twitter seems to be a first step in the right direction, the jury is still out on that, because wisdom was never the virtue of the common Palinbot.


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