Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Praying for Trig Palin - UPDATE 2

I found a website called Pray4Trig. They are going to heal Trig Palin of Down Syndrome.


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They have a FAQs page:
Q: Why Trig Palin?

A: Trig Palin is well known in the media; people all over the world know just who he is, and they already care about him. It will be much easier for them to sincerely pray for someone they care for, instead of what to them is a random name.

Also, it is known publicly that Trig Palin indeed has Down Syndrome. Science has no way to undo this condition, which is the result of an extra chromosome; but God can. When Trig Palin is found to be miraculously healed, everyone but the most hardened atheist will have to acknowledge God’s Majesty!

Q: I see you’ve chosen April 18, 2010 for the Day of Prayer. Why not (next week, last Thursday, Christmas, whatever)?

A: Two reasons. First, April 18 is Trig’s birthday. Can you imagine a better gift?

Second, coordinating a worldwide prayer event is going to take time! This date gives us plenty of time for people to register, talk to their pastors, tell friends and family, etc.

I think their time would be better spent if they prayed for Sarah Palin to spare some of her time and money to provide Trig with the therapies he requires to become more independent later in life. They could pray for the glasses he needs to be used more than once in a while.

While they are at it, they could pray for God to strike Sarah Palin next time she uses Trig as a prop to sell books, magazines or anything else.




There is very lively discussion on the welcome page on the website. A person called Shirlee gives a weird welcome to people and explains why she closed the comments section when things became a bit too heated for her taste.

Trig Palin has been in the news a lot lately . . . being attacked for something beyond his control. Liberals and people who hate God have derided him for being “a retard”, because he has Down Syndrome.


Note: I’ve disabled comments on this post. The inability to thread properly on this post has made it impossible to follow any manner of conversation, and the remainder of the site and the discussion forum are being neglected while people post merely to hear themselves speak . . . In particular, one now-banned user who had more than 10 usernames and posted nothing but vitriol.

We are quite familiar with a lot of sites that support Sarah Palin, but this one makes the mind boggle more than most. The comments that remain on the Welcome post are very revealing of their mindset. Their understanding of Down Syndrome is so skewed it defies comprehension.



How many of these crazy people are going to pray on the wrong date? This is the bumper sticker on sale at Cafe Press.

(H/T to Sylvia)

(I found the Pray4Trig site through a google alert that led me to this blog, written by a very skeptical atheist. The post I read had many examples of "answered" prayers, followed by extremely irreverent remarks by the author)

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