Monday, 4 January 2010

Tripp enjoys Christmas and might still believe in Santa Claus...

...but WE shouldn't!

Let me explain:

Mercede Johnston has published sweet pictures of Tripp on her facebook-page. They show again how much love and joy Tripp receives from the Johnstons. One has to look at these pictures alone to know that Bristol's lawsuit where she files for sole custody of Tripp is a farce and that her arguments are nothing but a joke. Bristol Palin should be ashamed of herself, but then it's all too obvious that Queen Sarah aka Bible Spice is behind these awful accusations that Bristol makes in her affidavit.

Here are some of the pictures which Mercede posted on her facebook (click to enlarge):

We have seen numerous pictures of Tripp with Levi (and some with Mercede) up until today - published in magazines, on TV etc.

Tripp bears a resemblance to Bristol. In addition, what has not often been talked about so far is that Tripp ALSO bears a great resemblance to Levi. This can easily be proven, because the UK tabloid "News of the World" during the election campaign published a large collection of pictures showing Levi as a toddler and a child. There are two links: HERE and HERE.

Here is Levi as a toddler:
See the comparison with this recent Christmas picture:

Here is a picture of Levi as a child:

Here together with Mercede:

Levi and Mercede as toddlers together with mom Sherry:

In the public realm, there is now overwhelming evidence available (including affidavits) that Tripp is indeed the child of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, and that he was born on December 27, 2008. What stirred up justified questions regarding the identity and the exact birthdate of Tripp was, for example, the fact that his birth in 2008 seemed to be very secretive and that there were no photos of him at the time of his birth.

But there could be possible reasons for the secrecy in December 2008 - there does not need to be a "sinister motive". For example, it is very well possible that neither Bristol nor Levi were keen on greater publicity at this time - after all, their relationship was most likely already "in decline" after the election was over. Not a time for happy pictures!

Let me point out again:

All the inside evidence we have received in the past - NOT from "anonymous commenters", but from real people who had no problem to reveal their identity to us - points very, very strongly in the direction that Bristol is the biological mother of TRIG. This is not a conspiracy theory. I will explain the evidence in more detail in the near future, I promise.

However, it is my opinion that the rumors surrounding TRIPP are indeed a conspiracy theory, which now should be obvious to everybody. It's time to put these rumors aside and time to acknowledge the real facts regarding Tripp.

The real controversy is about TRIG. The fact that Sarah faked a pregnancy with him is the real scandal. The fact that the MSM has ignored the faked pregnancy so far is another scandal!

TRIPP is what he is - the baby of Levi and Bristol. Everything else is a distraction.

Santa Claus is just for Tripp - and all the other little kiddies! ;-)


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