Friday, 29 January 2010

GRIFTER WATCH - 1) What happened to Sarah Palin's "legal" fund? - 2) Teabaggers latest - UPDATE

Kristan Cole is a close friend of Sarah Palin and acts as a spokesperson and fundraiser for the family. She created the Alaska Fund Trust, together with a website where things are explained to the gullible people she invites to donate money to Sarah Palin and her family.

The website uses the terms "open and transparent" frequently:

"I joined with fellow Alaskans in forming the Alaska Fund Trust to help alleviate Sarah's legal debt incurred while performing her job as well as eliminate the incentive for future attacks by her opponents. In doing so, we have created one of the most restrictive and transparent legal funds in history."

"Thank you for your interest in the Alaska Fund Trust. In the spirit of complete openness and transparency, the signed Alaska Fund Trust Agreement can be downloaded here."

"Halfway through her first term as Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin has done so much for her state and her nation. She has been a champion for much needed transparency and accountability in government."

In the FAQs section of the website, we can see this question:

Q. Will there be any disclosure of contributions and expenses?

A. Yes. The Trustee will disclose on a quarterly basis the contributions as well as categories of expenses with amounts.

The fund was started on April 22, 2009 and nobody has seen any of the promised quarterly reports.

OK, Kristan, for the sake of so much openness, accountability and transparency, please show us the money!


Here's Kristan acting as spokesperson, although she doesn't mention the fund. This video has some footage of Sarah Palin carrying Trig in her inimitable style.

One of the many accomplishments of Sarah Palin during her short stint in office was to appoint Kristan Cole and other grifters to positions where they could supervise the money grabbing operations of the revamped Mat-Su Creamery. Many good people endured heavy financial losses and had their reputations dragged through the mud while the grifters lined their pockets with federal and state money. Kristan Cole features heavily in the Dairygate fiasco.

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