Thursday, 28 January 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin's "Gone With The Wind" hairstyle was...PAID BY OPRAH!


Our resourceful contacts, who keep a close eye on Sarah Palin and her dealings, have made a fascinating discovery. Remember Sarah's "Gone With The Wind" hairstyle a few days ago on Oprah?

Sarah's surprising new hairstyle made headlines because of Oprah's "shocked" reaction at the beginning of the interview:

Now we have received a piece of information which makes Oprah's reaction appear in an entirely new light:

Oprah's company Harpo paid for the hairstyle! It was part of Sarah's expenses for the show! The invoice of the hairdresser went directly to Harpo!

No wonder Oprah was so shocked! She realized in a fraction of a second that her money had been wasted! ;-)


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