Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bristol Palin vs Levi Johnston - The art of producing evidence

We have found an interesting timeline of some events surrounding the custody battle between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. It was buried in the comments on one of Bree's posts. This post is based on that comment.

The motion for closure of the custody proceedings relating to Tripp Johnston was filed on November 4, 2009.

Bristol Palin's lawyer, Mr Thomas Van Flein, cited Levi's Johnston's Twitter account as a reason to keep the proceedings confidential.

That same night, Levi's tweets were read by William Shatner on Conan O'Brien's show, which really "proved" that Levi's fame and propensity to tweet about private matters would compromise the custody proceedings if they were made public. What a truly extraordinary coincidence...

Conan apologized after Rex Butler, Levi's attorney, pointed out that the Twitter account was a fake.

On November 6, Andrea Gusty, a reporter for KTUU, interviewed Levi and Rex Butler regarding the Twitter incident. Andrea Gusty is the same reporter who validated some photographs taken on April 13, 2008, showing a very pregnant Sarah Palin. Ms Gusty attempted to lead Levi into answering questions about the dirt he had on Sarah.

It seems to me that it's too much of a coincidence that Levi's "tweets" became a comedy item on a popular show exactly on the same day the custody motion, with all its confidentiality clauses, was filed by Bristol Palin. Two days later, a reporter sympathetic to the Palins tried to ambush Levi into talking about the dirt on Sarah Palin, which would reinforce his image as the "bad boy" who can't keep his mouth shut and capitalizes on the Palins fame in pursuit of cheap publicity for himself.

What an amazing coincidence that the "facts" about Levi's indiscretions fit the "evidence" presented in the custody motion!

When it comes to the Palins, do we believe in coincidences?

(H/T to deb in WI)

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