Sunday, 3 January 2010

Just how many of these t-shirts do the Palins own?

Do the Palins have a t-shirt each or have they been sharing the same one?

Bristol Palin with Granny, Todd and the grandchildren on July 4, 2009, in Juneau

Sarah Palin (incognito), with Trig, December 2009, in Hawaii

Todd Palin, wearing "the" t-shirt probably on the next day, December 2009, in Hawaii

Well, if they own one t-shirt each, we could call it "family style". But if Sarah and Todd borrowed Bristol's shirt, what are they doing with all the millions Sarah was paid for her book?

Oh, yes, I forgot, Sarah is not only a fiscal conservative, but she walks the walk and is very thrifty at home also, too.

The t-shirt says: "If you don't love America, then why don't you get the hell out"

Considering how much the Teabaggers complain about the country all the time, who exactly should be getting the hell out?

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