Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sex and Sarah Palin- Updated

Sarah Palin has the strange habit of drawing attention to her daughters. Scott Brown advertised his own daughters as being available, which was in very bad taste.

Sarah goes in the other direction, trying to portray her daughters as demure, innocent paragons of virtue. The effect is quite the opposite.

When all eyes were on her, Sarah Palin announced to the world that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol was 5 months pregnant to dispel rumours about her own faked pregnancy. Since then, all references to Bristol have involved something that makes everybody remember that she was having unprotected sex at a young age with an attractive chap who's now a "porn" star. The latest PR stunt focuses on Bristol's chastity, how her lost virginity is being restored because she's not going to have SEX until she gets married.

Bristol is also associated with Candies, a sexual abstinence organization that uses SEX to promote the abstinence message to gullible teenagers. All with her mother's blessing and encouragement.

Candies is not shy about using SEX to promote their products. It doesn't help teenagers remain abstinent, to say the least.

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Last summer, Sarah and Todd Palin thought it was a good idea to link their 14-year-old daughter Willow to statutory rape. Statutory rape implies consent, albeit uninformed, so Willow became a willing sexual being, thanks to her parents lust for retaliation.


Midnightcajun reminded us about the gang rape threats against Willow and Bristol when the Palins lived in Juneau. Sarah wrote about it in "Going Rogue". Yes, the threats that went unreported to anybody in a position to take any action. It wasn't a simple reference to Sarah Palin's daughters and SEX. It was about extremely violent sex. There's no evidence that these threats actually took place. Maybe her story is true (highly unlikely), maybe she invented it to add a bit of drama to a very dull book, who knows? Either way, she's comes across as an incredibly irresponsible parent.

Piper has been filmed and photographed wearing high heels and make-up. The poor girl is still too young to become part of Sarah Palin's skewed sex agenda, but we're sure that in due course Piper will take her place alongside her sisters as a reluctant sex object.

Oprah said no one wants to hear about Bristol's sex life or the decisions she made regarding her sex life. As a matter of fact, no one was in the least bit interested in the sex lives of any of Sarah Palin's daughters until she put them out there to dispel "salacious rumours" or to get her revenge on a late night comedian for a joke that was blown out of all proportion. I suspect she was more upset about Letterman calling her a "slutty flight attendant" than the joke about Alex Rodriguez knocking up the other daughter.

Scott Brown's daughters are available, Sarah Palin's are not. But still... it's all about sex.

Sarah Palin uses SEX to sell herself and she uses it in connection to her daughters.

Either Sarah Palin has serious issues regarding sex, or she has decided that sex sells. Is there a better way to stay in the headlines and make a lot of money from gossip magazines?

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