Friday, 29 January 2010

Comic Relief: Remembrance of Sarah Palin's past - Now including bonus photos

Now that Sarah Palin wants to become the teabagger president, the question is, does she know what it is the president does all day?

Also, will she ever learn to answer a question from reporters?

Has she learned the difference between "admittance" and "admission"?

We have a mandation for the remembrance of all these "admittances" by this very capable wordsmith, the one and only Sarah Palin. (I have just realized how difficult it is to write in Palinese. Word salad is an art!)

She should consider banning YouTube.



I couldn't put you through a very long interview on video, but here are some screenshots of Sarah Palin "On The Record" with Greta. Sarah is a bit more animated than she was on Hannity, but her hair is still a mess. Political contributor my foot! This is the present version of Sarah. Compare to version past, seen above.

Is there a future?


Following the discussions about Sarah palin's mouth, here are some screenshots from the Hannity show and link to a slideshow. Thank you, CityChick


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