Monday, 18 January 2010

Sarah Palin's MLK Day Address to the Nation + BONUS

Phil Munger from Progressive Alaska had an epiphany - a vision of "Sarah Palin's MLK Day Address to the Nation". We thought that such a special moment deserves a wider audience. Therefore, we present it to you, with Phil's kind permission:

"As We look up from reading one of Our favorite publications about our Founding Fathers, We need to address those who have defaced our facebook page with comments disparaging that dark-skinned Dr. Martin Luther King. We would also like to address the scores of "African-Americans" who have shown up at thousands of Tea Party rallies across the Real America since April, 2009.

Dr. King was not Juneteenth. He was all about what We're trying to do today at FOX News and at the National Liquor Sellers Convention We'll be addressing soon. We hope to get them to move the convention to Fairbanks or Nome or Barrow next year.

Had that awful guy - who used to read the same magazine I'm looking up from - not killed King, King might have been able to get his kids some good magazine covers on Jet or Ebony or, well, uh, maybe not on the cover of the magazine you've interrupted Us from also.

Back to the Founding Fathers."



Martin Luther King Day would not be complete without honoring Martin Luther King in our own way - in words and pictures. Martin Luther King was one of the most inspirational people who have ever lived. He pointed out the path into a more modern, liberal, tolerant, just and peaceful world, and gave an example not just for the USA, but for EVERY society after the second world war.

His message was not just about the equality of the races. It was also for example about the peaceful fight against oppression, poverty, gross economic inequalities and unjustified wars. These points are conveniently overlooked by the extreme right-wingers when they praise MLK today (see for example our special "friends" on C4P...), despite of the fact that they would have hated him many times more than they hate President Obama now - because MLK's message was truly radical, and they would not have liked it one little bit. When they "honor" MLK today, it's nothing but pure dishonesty and hypocrisy.

As an example I would like to present to you a video clip which transfers MLK's anti-war stance into our time - truly timeless words:

A longer version of a similar speech by MLK can be viewed here.

Another great clip about this issue:

Here is one of my favourite pictures of MLK - in "XL" size, as I personally prefer great black-and-white pictures to be presented:

martin-luther-king new 2

There is more. Talking about MLK's assassination, there is not just the fact that MLK himself held his legendary and patently moving "I Have Been To The Mountain Top" speech the day before he was killed (full version HERE and HERE), but there are two other remarkable speeches in relation to this sad event which I would like to present.

Many of you might have seen before that Robert F. Kennedy held a brilliant spontaneous speech on April 4, 1968, the day MLK was shot - it has been posted on several places on youtube. However, I personally didn't know up until a few days ago that Robert F. Kennedy also gave an outstanding speech the day after MLK was killed, on April 5, 1968, about "the mindless menace of violence in America". This speech has to be one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century, and therefore I would like to post an excerpt of it as well:

In addition, I also would like to post a very expressive picture of Robert F. Kennedy, who didn't have long to live after MLK was assassinated:

Robert_F._Kennedy_1964 LARGE


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