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Palingates: Our stats for 2009 - BONUS: Sarah Palin's awards for 2009! - UPDATE

Happy New Year, Sarah!

Palingates has finished its first year. Our blog was founded by Regina at the beginning of February 2009 and right from the start, the convincing concept of the blog, its clear structure and Regina's no-holds-barred posts about Sarah Palin and her numerous "gates" attracted many readers.

In the first month (Febrary 2009), Palingates had

- 23,072 pageloads
- 13,322 unique visitors
- 5,142 returning visitors

Following a constant rise over the year, the stats for month December 2009 were:

- 337,089 pageloads
- 182,502 unique visitors
- 58, 624 returning visitors

I have compiled two graphs which provide a good overview over the year. Both graphs are created with exactly the same data (pageloads, unique visitors, returning visitors) and show the same timeframe (February - December 2009) .

Graph No 1 ("Bar Graph", seen on a monthly basis):

Graph No 2 ("Area Graph", on which the daily changes are visible):

Here are the exact figures for each month together with an explanation about the method of counting:

(click on pictures to enlarge)

But apart from looking back on extremely pleasing stats, Regina and I are even more happy to have created a community in which Palin-critics can openly express themselves without being regarded as "tinfoil-hat-conspiracy-theorists". That's because we know that many of these "conspiracy theories" are in fact TRUE STORIES. In addition, we discover more dark secrets on a daily basis. Sarah Palin's eventful life and her own false account of it will without any doubt provide us with much more material for 2010.

The success of Palingates wouldn't have been possible without the many people working in the background who are doing time-consuming research and/or provide us with additional information. We are extremely thankful to all supporters of Palingates and hope that the fruitful cooperation will continue with even more success in 2010.


Congratulations, Sarah Palin!

2009 was a very successful year for you, too! You won LOTS of awards and can be proud of yourself!

Here is a small collection of the awards I have found:

1. Lie of the year award, who themselves won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009, gave Sarah Palin the "Lie of the Year" award for the invention of the "Death Panels"!

2. Bad celebrity parent of 2009

Sarah Palin made it on the "Bad celebrity parents list of 2009", compiled by the New York Daily News! Other entries are for example Michael Lohan, Courtney Love, David Hasselhoff and Jon & Kate Gosselin.

3. GOP hypocrite of the week

Already in November 2009, Buzzflash honored Sarah Palin with the "GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award For Her Book, 'Going Rogue: An American Lie'".

4. Biggest Douchebag of the Year 2009

The voting on Huffington Post still continues, and Sarah Palin currently leads the field, in front of the guy who tried to blow up the plane of Northwest Airlines several days ago. Go, Sarah, go!

5. Most self-righteous Ho Model award of 2009

Here we have a particularly delicious award, and this is simply a brilliant idea by "eonline". I don't fully understand the method of how the winner ultimately will be determined, but I was extremely pleased to see that in "Round 4" for the "Ho Ho Ho Awards" ("Who was the bigger ho in 2009?") Sarah Palin is currently up against an old favourite of mine: Carrie Prejean!

Funnily, the blog which I published on Palingates about Carrie Prejean on November 12, 2009 was personally my "most pleasant writing experience of 2009" - it was just too much fun to expose the ultra-hypocrite Carrie Prejean. If you haven't read my post yet, don't miss it! ;-)

6. Sarah Palin award for quitting on the job

Ok, this award in honor of Sarah Palin is satire. John Coby of the left-wing blog "Bay Area Houston" had this brilliant idea and made it up. Happy New Year, John!

7. TPM Golden Duke Award For Best Public-Policy Based Fib

(h/t buffalgal)

That's a nice one, too! Death Panels rule!

8. Special mention:

The "examiner" lists "Palin's top ten spins and controversies of 2009". The article is quite good, but what is more remarkable is the following: On the right hand side, the examiner dutifully included a list of blogs which are dealing with Sarah Palin. Under "Sarah Palin Blogs & Communities" a large number of "pro-Palin" blogs are being mentioned - followed by something I have never seen before: Below this list, the "examiner" has included a list of "Anti-Palin Blogs and Communities"!

In the list, the following blogs are mentioned and are being linked to:

Is Sarah Palin's head going to explode now?

2010 will be good! Happy New Year, everybody!



In the comments, the question of TRIPP's birthdate was discussed again. I would like to point out in this respect that in the court documents of the custody trial, Bristol Palin has stated "on oath or under penalty of perjury" that Tripp was born on December 27, 2008. The statement is included on page 29 in THIS DOCUMENT. Screenshot (click to enlarge):

I would like to point out in this respect that we have seen it numerous times in the past that anonymous comments regarding events surrounding "babygate" have been left on blogs apparently in order to confuse or distract the readers. We know that there is something seriously wrong with TRIG's birthdate, and that it is extremely likely that he was born several months earlier than the official birthdate. I have a general idea where the information regarding possible inconsistensies regarding TRIPP's birthdate come from, and I want to state for the record that I DO NOT trust those sources at this point.

The "babygate" investigation is complex, and the big difficulty and mystery also lies in the fact that there are people who could quite easily shine a light at least into some of the mysteries, FOR EXAMPLE THIS ONE, but deliberately do not choose to do so. I am convinced that it is more valuable to focus on TRIG than on TRIPP. Once the Trig-mystery is solved, everything else will probably fall into place. So far I simply cannot see that there is good reason to question TRIPP's parentage or birthdate at this point, although I am aware that this a popular subject of the conversation.


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