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Bristol Palin hits the tabloids again for six-figure cover-story deal - PALINGATES EXCLUSIVE

Written by Regina and Patrick

We have learned exclusively that Bristol is about to make the cover story for yet another US tabloid magazine. Bristol has posed for several pictures together with Tripp for a six-figure fee, and most of the Palin family will be featured. It seems that it takes a six-figure sum to get the Palin family all together in one room. Apparently Bristol's lawyer Thomas Van Flein was involved in the negotiations with the magazine. Expect the magazine to hit the stands this week.

Bristol’s new foray into the tabloids gives us the opportunity to look back at the sad history of accusations that the Palin family has made against Levi Johnston – for example, that he is seeking “fame, attention and fortune” (Meg Stapleton) and obtaining “money by selling stories to the media about his son Tripp” (Thomas Van Flein).

As usual, the Palins thoroughly deserve the title “hypocrites of the year”.


Life has never been the same for Levi Johnston since he was paraded in front of the world as Bristol Palin's fiancé, a situation that he never appeared comfortable with when you look back at photos of him on the campaign trail. Alas, and perhaps predictably, Levi and Bristol split up, and an unemployed Levi (thanks to Granny Palin) had to reconsider his options and embarked on a new career in order to provide for his son Tripp and his mother and sister.

As someone who was once close to the Palin family, Levi's opinion was sought by reporters whenever Sarah Palin made the news, he didn't chase them.

On Sarah Palin's resignation:

Levi Johnston told reporters Thursday night that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin decided to resign from office for the money.

Johnston claimed that in December he heard Palin talking about "how nice it would be to take some of this money people have been offering us and just run with it, and saying, 'Forget everything else.'"

Johnston, the former fiancé of the governor's daughter, said the offers Palin was referring to came from "books, talk shows, whatever, things like that."

Levi appeared on some chat shows and gave interviews. The Palin camp was not happy:

"We're disappointed that Levi and his family, in a quest for fame, attention and fortune, are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship," Stapleton said in a statement.

Even Chuck Heath had something to say:

US Weekly: (direct link no longer works, here's an alternative)

"I don't agree with what he's doing right now," Heath told Us Weekly of Johnston's press tour. "It's not right. He's broke, so he's trying to capitalize on this. I wish he’d take some of this money he’s making and buy some diapers with it."

But he took back his words:


Heath says he never made those remarks and even defends the unemployed teenager. “I didn’t say most of that stuff—that’s a bunch of garbage. I don’t know how they came up with that. The only thing I said—and that was said jokingly, that was kind of in jest about the diapers,” Heath explained to RadarOnline. As for his feelings on Johnston hitting the media circuit, Heath cuts the teenager some slack. “It’s up to him. He’s a kid. I have no bone to pick with Levi, he’s a good kid.”

Now Bristol Palin is taking the "good kid" to court, seeking sole legal custody of their son Tripp.

In her affidavit, under point 9, Bristol boldly claims:

“I cannot imagine any reason why Levi Johnston would think that having this custody proceeding take place in the media spotlight would be in Tripp's best interests. It appears that the only reason Levi wants this case to remain public is so that he can continue to capitalize on his name and this case by selling stories to the media. To my knowledge, Levi's media exposure is currently his only source of income. That leads me to believe that Levi's interest in keeping this case unsealed is purely financial. Levi's interest in self-promotion has nothing to do with Tripp's best interest.”


Van Flein had no hesitation to add:

"Further, as the record already demonstrates, scurrilous scandal publications like Vanity Fair and the National Enquirer will pay money for falsehoods or any statement coming from these proceedings. Neither Levi Johnston, nor any member of the Johnston family, should continue to profit off of Tripp Palin by seeking media attention and money for "stories"."

Van Flein also drew attention in the custody trial to Levi's means of earning a living, asserting that he exploits her family and baby Tripp through the media, saying that Levi “has obtained money by selling stories to the media about his son Tripp, ex-fiance Bristol , and the Palin family in general, but otherwise has not gone to school to learn a trade or obtain a degree.”


Furthermore, Van Flein cited Levi’s commitments as one of the reasons why he would be unable to offer a stable environment for the child, to which Levi responded quite convincingly.

Screenshot of Levi's response:

In his reply from December 23, 2009, Bristol’s lawyer Van Flein went even further:

"In reviewing the Opposition brief, and Mr. Johnston's affidavit, one thing stands out: Mr. Johnston focuses only on himself, he does not mention the impact on Tripp or show any real concern that a public media circus could have on Tripp or these proceedings.

These gravamen of all child custody proceedings is the best interests of the child.

Yet all Mr. Johnston refers to is his own self-interest, his own interest in endless publicity, his desire for press-mongering, and his appetite for self-aggrandizment. This matter is about Tripp.

Nothing in Mr. Johnston's Opposition suggests that Tripp will benefit from daily news accounts and salacious interviews by Levi with scandal hungry tabloids.”

It’s clear that Bristol, Van Flein and the mastermind in the background, Sarah Palin, are not happy when Levi talks to tabloids – because the tabloids should be exclusively reserved for the Palins, who just love to fill their bank accounts with sweet tabloid dollars!

In addition, we can't remember watching Levi on national television with an "out-cold" Tripp on his lap.

Levi posed with Tripp for a few photos for a magazine spread, but Tripp didn't appear on the cover.

Bristol was happy to appear with Tripp on the cover of People Magazine.

Compared to Bristol, Levi has exploited Tripp a lot less.

This pretense of virtue and propriety by the Palins has to stop, otherwise the damage to Tripp’s wellbeing will likely affect him as he grows older. Tripp needs both his mother and his father in his life. He needs to be secure in the knowledge that BOTH his parents shared in the responsibility of his financial and emotional welfare on an equal basis and that need can be recognised through shared custody.

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